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A great weekend



This last weekend was one of our 3 day weekends. My facility has a 9/80 schedule which means we can take every other friday off. Kinda nice!

I sometimes use that off day to visit Craig Rehab Hospital where I did my post stroke in-patient rehab for about 2 months. Nice to see the folks whom I credit with helping give my life back. This week, however, I chose to do some internet job hunting instead. Applied to one or two positions. Time will tell if anything comes of them. The one company that contacted me late last week hasn't gotten back in touch, but I expect they are interacting with numerous candidates. I rather hope I hear from them as they are OEMs of some really good "stuff" in my line of work. We use their products, and I expect quite a few other large defense companies do as well.

Yesterday afternoon, our two grand daughters came over to spend the night. They go back to school in 3 weeks so my wife wanted to take them school clothes and supplies shopping. Its always great to have them around to spoil. I'm afraid they didn't enjoy the sleepover too much, though. Two or three pretty violent thunderstorms ripped through from about 8pm until 11pm or so. They just don't like the flash and noise. My wife ended up consoing them and calming them down.

One of our grand daughters has persistent asthma, though has surprisingly not had too many flares since moving to Denver. If any of you have family, especially kids, with asthma, let me recommend my daughter-in-law's website as a helping resource. She runs a website called theasthmamom.com which offers a discussion forum, advice etc for parents of children with asthma.

Well, enough rambling for now. I hope all goes well for everybody out there.


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We too like to have our grandkids stay. It brings some young life and noise into the house. Our granddaughter is coming over for the weekend on Friday.


I am glad things are going well for you. It is a battle at first but nice if things settle down and you feel you are coping again.


I love the idea of a three day weekend once in two weeks, certainly great for summer when you can take off for a spell.


I enjoy reading your blogs.



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