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When it rains, it pours!



This has been quite a summer! We had two very severe hail storms in June that caused lots of property damage in our community. We lost our front room window - a four pane bow window. Three of the panes were knocked out by tennis ball sized hail and the window was boarded up for about a month. Our carpenter replaced the window a week ago and now he is doing the roof. :Clap-Hands: Needless to say, the house has been in upheaval for awhile.


And now, to add insult to injury; yesterday, my aide and helper, Misti, discovered that the garbage disposal wasn't working and, in fact, was leaking under the sink and had been for awhile. Luckily, I had a plastic container sitting under it that caught the water, but ruined everything in the container. Soooo, I called the plumber, who showed up today and replaced the



But, I'm not finished. Misti also discovered this morning that the icemaker wasn't making ice. :head_hurts: After she messed with it for awhile, she said the water wouldn't turn off when the tray was filled. Soooo, I made another phone call to the icemaker repairman and he showed up a little while ago. Somehow, moisture had gotten into a place where it shouldn't have and it would have to be replaced.


Soooo, tomorrow, Misti and I are going to look at refrigerators and Paul and I will decide whether to replace the frig, or the icemaker. I think it has only been about a year since we replaced it. Our repairman recommended a locally owned store if we get a new frig and they give better service than the big box stores.


As I write this, we are waiting for the shingles to arrive and the pounding will begin again. And, it looks like storms are building in the west.


You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours." Its true!




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why does that happen alway. I feel the same way though as long as our health is good these things can be replaced. hope you are done with all the expenses for now.



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Hey VI, seems like sometimes we have nothing but troubles and they come in bunches every time! Now I know why I hadn't got the emails from you...You been trying to survive!


Take care and let's hope better weather and good times are ahead of us both. At our ages we don't need to much or many interferences. I just bought my wife a new LG energy refrig from the Post Exchange for a real bargain! Of course every thing in the house is 10 years older now, but thank God I only got 6 more years to pay for the house and I own it!


The weather up there has been sorta iffy lately and near me in Oklahoma. So I know Texas is probably next for something unusual to happen weather wise!

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:head_hurts: No kidding! I know what it's like to have problems one after another and so on in life. It seems that life likes to throw more than one curveballs at you in a short space of time. :unsure: I hope you can get a break from all these "curveballs."

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