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The Adventures of Mema



I mentioned in my previous blog that our daughter was coming to see us. She and her husband and son arrived on the 25th of July and the next day we all piled into my car and drove to Wheatland, Wyoming to help my brother and his bride celebrate 50 years of marriage. This is the brother who lost his son in a tragic motorcycle accident in January. Several of our cousins were there so we had a mini family reunion. Lots of laughs.


Sharon mentioned that her dad wanted to drive to Loveland, Colorado to visit his 96 year old sister and I told her that I wanted to go, also. So we got up early Tuesday morning and drove to Loveland for the day. We had a lovely visit with Florence and her daughter and sil.


I mention this because I haven't traveled that far since my stroke and I did just fine. It was nice because Sharon and Marvin did the driving. Marvin is from Missouri and enjoyed looking at a different landscape than what he is used to.


On a more recent note, I pulled a "Gary" last night. About 3 AM, I awoke needing to go to the bathroom. I can get myself up when that happens, but I haven't done so in awhile. I wear a special type of boot at night that has a sole on the bottom which enables me to stand up and pivot from my bed to my wheelchair. However, when I stood up and tried to pivot, my leg buckled and, even though I was holding onto the transfer pole, with the left side being dead weight, I went down to the floor. So I was laying there and thinking Oh, S***. Now what? I called Paul a couple of times and finally banged on the floor. He heard that and came in. When he saw me, he said, "What the h***! How did that happen?" I told him and we went about trying to get me up without calling someone. Then he had to go to the bathroom and while he was gone I thought of a way that might work.


When he came back, I told him to put the AFO on my leg and I thought I could brace it against a cabinet next to my bed and with him lifting me and me pulling on the transfer pole, I could get up. It worked and I was soon sitting on the bed and I still needed to go to the bathroom. After I finally finished that job, I put myself back to bed and fell asleep around 5 AM. Today I'm a little stiff and sore, but nothing broken, and I can laugh about it.


And now, I'm going to go see if I can root the Rockies to a win. They haven't been doing so well the last three games.


Hope your summer has been a good one.








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hey vi:


what a adventure travelling & falling. I am judt glad nothing is broken & you are as good as new to root for your colorado team.




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The Rockies lost again - big time. I think they need a pep talk from a fan.


I am feeling good today, but Paul isn't.



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I'm so happy your traveling was a success. I bet you are a bit sore and stiff from plopping on the floor. It's great that you were able to get up with Paul's help. Glad you can laugh about it now - we weebles wobble and DO fall down huh. I too have been able to get myself up off the floor when I've plopped 3 times since we moved to PA in 2007. Only drawback to that though is I've not needed the cute firemen to help me LOL. Of course my plopping has been when my daughter is not home and my cats look at me stupid.


Hope you don't have any repeat performances - it's super you were able to get to the bathroom without any further trauma or mishaps.


Be careful dear. (((hugs)))

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Vi when you were in loveland you were only 53 miles from me and closer to Stacie. All is not lost Bill family is from Nebraska. Hugs Karen

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