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Just Tryin'



bigwink.gifbigwink.gif Hi, everyone. I have takento sleeping downstairs since Friday and I"m sleeping much better. When I'm downstairs, if I can't really rest, I get out of bed and sit in a chair with my feet up. Zzzz.gif While in hospital, I usually slept sitting up which was far more comfortable to me. And downstairs, if I want a drink of something, it's readily available to me. I just changed my font size to a larger one....my eyes are not what they used to be and it's had to read little print...can't see my typos and there are a lot of them today

The edema in my left hand is leaving! Hooray - pretty soon I'll be able to wear rings. I just love to sparkle! I hope with this new therapy I'll get to the point where I can put on earrings again. I'm feeling like it's time to get back to life without a wheelchair, putting on makeup and jewelry and (men: close your eyes) put on a bra again.yikes.gif I may be in the geriatric category but I still like to be OK looking. The women will understand. Hope you day is wonderful! Annie


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hi Annie:


as long as you are getting good sleep it doesn't matter much whether you sleep downstairs or upstairs. I felt like woman again when I was successful wearing bra single handedly. irony is that after 6 years of wearing bra singlehandely, I don't know even remember how I wore my bra with two hands lol



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AnnieJay: I just wish I could find the answer to Bruce's sleep issues. We have a Select Comfort bed and I have been all over the scale to find the right firmness for him, to no avail. Sleeping pills do not touch him and if he would just go to the recliner, I would be happy. Seems he gets his best sleep in the WC, but that does not help with the foot edema as you know. As for me, the caregiver, I have not worn a bra for the past 16 months post stroke. Not that anyone would notice-lol, but just my weekly girlie shower helps. Keep up the good work. It is nice to feel like a girl, gives us some personal pride. It is afterall what we are and looking and feeling pretty is all part of it.

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