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Just Tryin'



Well, I guess in the perspective of things, life can be a little dull. Today my cleaning lady is here and I had to make sure things were not a total mess in the kitchen, so I cleaned out the refrigerator and tried to tidy up. Right now, she's steam cleaning the floors and here I am typing away.

I do have railings on both sides of the stairs. Ironically, I ordered them to be put up well before my stroke. They didn't get worked on until I went to the hospital, but they are a god-send. I had figured that, with my age growing, I'd need the railings by the time I turned 90. So, there we go, a good action was in the forming stages.

My hand is doing remarkably well and I can almost get a ring on. OH, I'm going to sparkle when I get the chance!

I'm now doing a "community " letter to friends once a week because I can't keep up with who knows what or why! I have to try to eliminate those senders who do chain letters and political junk - I just don't have the time to deal with all that.

That's it for the past few days. Tomorrow I start my Outpatient rehab and my first ride on "The Ride".

I'm a little scared but I know I'll muddle through.

Thank you for all your comments. I appreciate your thought, ideas and support.


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Annie, I am glad you are starting outpatient rehab I know it did Ray the world of good especially after the strokes in 1999. It also reminded him that he was not the ONLY ONE who had had a stroke and broke the "poor me" attitude. When he saw someone with less movement than himself he would say :"I guess I was lucky."


Having the foresight to get railings on the stairs was certainly a blessing. We waited 18 months for ours to be done. The chap who we had contracted to had a heart attack himself!


Keep up the blogging it is good to be able to read about your life and progress.



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