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Just Tryin'



This has been an eventful week. I ventured out into the world to go to Outpatient Therapy. What an experience! My first ride in The Ride ,which is a kind of limo service for us "handicapped" people who can't get around on their own. Scary for me to do first-time things...I'm such a control freak and to have to rely on anyone other than me just gives me the "willies". Anyway, I ended up with a really good driver who gave a lot of good tips on using the Ride so I felt much more comfortable. Rehab was quite another matter. I was not advised that I was to do a co-pay and was just not "with-it" that I forgot I had my medical credit card when they could not accept the only money I had with which to pay the fee.

Sometimes I just don't know where my head is. My brain must have been napping! Anyway, I had my evaluation and surprised myself by walking the length of the gym and back with my walker! So, needless to say, I was pumped up with that fact. I know it's going to get easier - I just have to give myself a break and let it happen. I am writing a "newsletter" to friends I just want to keep track of and it's weekly. Today I did my 2nd letter and in it I mentioned my terrific support staff and how I've depended on them. It also occured to me that all this must have needed to happen to me because I am such a controlling person. I need to remember the Serenity Prayer more often and try to change only the things I can, instead of knocking my head against the wall about the stuff in my life that really doesn't matter. And I know I'm in the right forum when I say that sometimes it takes getting ill in this way to realize the good stuff. Enough of making myself cry.....I am a survivor and I will get through this fork in the road of my life. Hope we all have a great day.... Annie


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hi Annie:


stroke teaches lot of good things to us. It teaches us patience, it teaches us to let go and trust the will of god and to believe whatever is happening in our life is for our benefit. Its hardest lessons I have learnt post my stroke but it has made me better person due to it. So sometimes even when it looks bleak, only good things comes out.



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hi annie, good for you annie it takes alot of courage and streath to go out on your own to learn how to deal with any thing new to your life and with all the courage that you have along with your control freak you will do just fine glad to see that you are learning new things and the challenge that you will face will be that munch easy on you, just do the best that you can and when you come to the fork in the road you will choose what is right for you annie good luck in all that you will be learng and recovering i know that you will do well

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Annie, you are a survivor and a strong individual. You are working your way through a new stage of your life. We are still here and alive. Keep on blogging so we can stay with you.

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Annie it looks like your perseverance has paid off Here is your Blog and as close as I can tell it was globaly published WHOO HOO!! And the same can be said of life after stroke as well Perseverance pays off This is indeed a new stage and phase in your life and recovery. If you ever need anything just give us a shout out and I think you will find that many of us will be there to help you find your way through. Karen



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I depend on others for rides, since I can't drive (never really could due to sensory processing disorder). I totally know what it's like to have to depend on others for rides to go to appointments and such. I'm a control freak in getting to my appointments on time.


I've my share of experiences when I used to live in Indianapolis, Indiana. The bus services for the disabled was always very late and I was freaking out for being a no-show for my therapist appointments. I even set my destination a half an hour before my appointment time since they're always behind. That usually gets me in on time. I even put the destination time an hour before my appointments.


Here, the bus service is GREAT! They're so on time. I've had a couple who were late because the drivers were new and had trouble finding my house that is nestled in the woods. But it worked out just fine.

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