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feeling sorry for myself today



I am alive! I lived through 3 strokes. Found out I have cns vasculitis through a brain biopsy. My kids dont call me or see how I am doing. I suffer from depression. I have daily headaches, pain in my hips and I am just having a bad day. I hate it. I am blessed to be alive, but I am miserable.


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Gramma: you will get through this too. The straw so to speak. Take a deep breath, try a nice, warm shower and a cup of tea. Kick back. You can't change any of this, you can only strive to get to the other side. Find a nice, safe place and rest your mind and body. Then pick up and move ahead. You are in my prayers, Debbie

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Yep, a good vent does me good as a caregiver too. All we are really saying is that this is not the life we would have chosen and that hurts.


I am sorry you are in pain and suffer from depression. I hope some solution can be found to that.


The selfishness of your children (and mine) their lack of loyalty and love seems to be a common theme here. We were raised to honour our parents and that at the end of their life we would look after them, guess we didn't teach our kids the same.



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I would like to thank everyone that responded to my entry. I have been better since, I guess I was having a bad day. Thank you

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Well, for one thing you are in a new marriage, a new place and surroundings and circumstances that arise with anyone anytime! I think you are overcoming these little things OK!


Maybe it was just a bad day and I understand when your kids don't call or come by now and again! But life goes on, just keep God as the head of your life, He'll see you through everytime! :big_grin:

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Are you on an antidepressant? Depression after stroke is so common. I hope you can find some relief from your pain. You are definitely a survivor, no doubt about it. :hug:


Oh, by the way, I've been scatterbrained too. My psychiatrist wants me to try an ADD/ADHD medication to see if that would help my attention span, since I've messed up on things because of my "airheadedness" or preoccupation, like thinking at the same time while cooking that resulted in missing an ingredient or forgetting to drain the meat. :yikes:


LOL! I had typed the statement at the top, and then clicked on "post." I had totally forgotten to tell you about my attention span! :roflmao: Oh, well. I remembered a moment after. I do this a lot in most areas of my life. Sometimes, I forget what I'm talking about in the middle of talking. This happened in my session with my psychiatrist. Sheesh. Hehehe. :lol:

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