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Good day today



Woke up feeling good today. Had a good nights sleep, weather is so nice. Then I read a very uplifting blog.

Am having CVR-MRI today at Toronto Western Hospital, hope everything's ok.

Its so nice reading blogs here, all of it helps in my recovery journey. I so love reading.

Anyways, have a nice day everyone!


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hi vivrose:


welcome to wonderful world of logging which I have found very therupetic. I now blog less often, Since I am at much better shape in my life after 6 years. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralysed on my left side, I never thought I will be able to enjoy life one more time, but because of my blogging & staying connected with other stroke survivors made life much more interesting, I stopped feeling alone. we would love to know more about you through your blogs.



Asha (now 40 year old survivor)

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That's what we are about here at Stroke Net...Trying to lift each other up in support by words, actions and telling it like it is. I think that all helps in our recovery knowing we are not alone, we are all in the same boat!


So, you came to the right place to blog, comment and post on the message board any questions you got! I hope to see you blog again and come to chats too!


I probably missed your introduction entry, I often do, but in case I didn't you can let us know more about you and your stroke if you had one!

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achandra, fking:


I'm starting to love blogging, you can just say what you want and share moments of your recovery journey,its now the first thing in the morning when I wake up, check the blogs, before, I just wanted to read, but now I'm more inclined to blog too. You are right achandra, it is therapeutic.


I'm only 6 months post stroke, had mine in February this year due to a rare condition I have, moya moya disease where the arteries in my brain are shrinking, thus obstructing the flow of blood. I was 37 when it happened. I'm now 38.I had a brain surgery in April, called an EC-IC bypass, purpose of which to prevent another stroke, I should be celebrating, I wouldn't have another one!


I was an in patient at Toronto Rhabilitation Institute for 2 months, I'm starting to walk now, with a cane and ankle brace, it is getting better everyday. I have a very weak left side. I can't use my left arm right now, because I have pains in my shoulder, the hand is ok, I can grip something.Speech is getting better too.


I'm back at the rehab for out patient therapies. It is my last day of speech therapy tomorrow. I'll be in for more occupational and physio therapy til October 1st, but I'm thinking of extending for 1 more month.

Nice knowing you everyone, and yes would love to join the chats too.

Thank you.



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hey Ruth,

Thanks!doing ok everyday, My circle is growing, I love this.

Looking forward to talking to you in the chats!


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