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Taking it one day at a time



I'm just 6 months post stroke and in the first few months after the stroke, I've accomplished a lot in the rehab, I learned to walk with only a cane, learned to care for myself like have a shower on my own, dress myself. Now I'm back in the rehab for out patient therapies. I'm not progressing as much as I wanted to. Some days I feel down, some days its ok. Now, so that I don't get down days, I take it a day at a time.Looking forward to autumn and going back to work.


I actually started to go back to my work (nanny to 2 girls), last week, my employers wanted to ease me back slowly to work, we're starting with just twice a week(Mondays and Thursdays), 5 hours per day and build up from there. I hope I can do my job well even with my difficulties. (weak left side, slow speech).We'll work out a system somehow.


Have a great day everyone.


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hey vivrose:


first year is the hardest thing in my mind, by taking one day at a time is smart thing to do , I feel having stroke is the lowest point in life's wheel and now ride is going up, so things is going to improve every day. slowly and steadily you will create your new routine. easing slowly back to work is right thing to do.



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Hi Asha,

My only worry is if I could keep the kids safe especially when walking them to and picking them up from school.I'll just ask for help I guess, hopefully, evetything will work out.

It is the lowest I am right now. But there's no way but up in life's wheel.

I will take it one day at a time.


Thanks for the support! Appreciate it much.





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I hope all will be OK for you by taking it one day at a time. That's always the best way in my opinion anyway!


If possible, try not to sit too long or for a long period of time. Walk around as much as you can. You are doing great walking already without a cane. I'm going on 7 years and just now trying to do that.


You just don't want to get stiff by sitting a long time on the job, even now I try to walk as much as I can.


Keep up the out patient therapy if your insurance will pay or as long as they will pay. Therapy is the right way to go. I just finished sessions last month, but can't return for about 6 months!

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Hi. thanks for the advise. I'm bringing some stuff too to work on my hand, I'll bing my theraputty. it will be fun, Kiera and I can play with it disguising my therapy as play.


Oh I will still go to my outpatient therapies, I am covered by the Provincial Health Insurance Program of Ontario, so I can go as long as I like.


I still walk with a cane outside, only inside the house am I brave to walk without the cane.


I like going to my therapies, First it gets me out of the house, second of course it helps with my recovery.


I graduated from my speech therapy yesterday, I was doing so well, I don't need it anymore. It is still slow because of weakness of facial muscles, but I was getting by wonderfully, my speech therapist's words, there's nothing she can teach me more. I just need the confidence to talk more to people.



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hi vivrose, it sounds to me that you are doing very well with all the stuff that you are able to do and just so you know recovery is never really fast it is very slow and i for one am very impress with your developement and your recovery and you are right just take it slow and you will get itgood job on your road to recovery and yes you are progressing but unfortunitly it is never enough but the good news is you are able to do so munch just think how far you have come and how far you will get just take your time and enjoy it

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