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Practice makes perfect



This has never sounded true as it did now for me. I was reading a book 'the brain that repairs itself', to help the brain rewire, I should keep using my affected limbs. I practice the control of my fingers by picking up pennies from a pile of coins, again and again, now i feel I have more control of my fingers than ever.I like to work on my arm too, but I can't because of pain in my shoulder.

I'm not sure what to do to make my leg better though, I do mini squats ang tippy toe lifting, but its not helping much, I should do it every time I have a free time. Also walking more to improve my walking.

It's a lot of hard work, managing between bursts of energy and feeling tired.

I know hard work is the only way to recover.

I need more motivation and determination.

I'm thinking of relearning to tie shoe laces by practicing over and over again.


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Vivrose: That is the key: repetition, over and over again. You won't notice change daily, but in months time you will say, Hey, WOW, I am really doing this. The fatigue is your body and brain telling you something-listen. Take a break read, cup of tea, just rest. Then pick up and start again. You are doing great and you are seeing the results. Slow and steady wins the race. Good for you, Debbie

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Thanks, I am realizing a lot of things now, but anything that helps, I'll do it, to live life easier with the disabilities I have.

I do take naps when I feel tired waking up refreshed and ready to work again.

With time and Gods graces everything will be ok.


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more you do for yourself right now, life be much more esasier for you even with disability. keep on pushing yourself now & you will see the difference in your quality of life in future. things will get easier as time goes on.



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Thanks. I've relaxed a bit after my surgery ( April 20th, EC-IC bypass), don't wanna worry my mom so much, so I listened to her to rest, rest rest until my lesion has healed.Now, I can't use my arm because of pain in my shoulder. If I did a few exercises then I would not be in this position now. Oh well, after I get the hydrocortisone injection, hopefully, I could do so much more with my left arm.

Thanks a lot for the support. God bless!


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yes vivrose, that is the key doing it over and over again and again until it becomes second nature i mean you are after all training your brain to do the things that you want to do , so yes practice does make perfect, and soon a new you will arrive after all the work thart you have been doing and you definetly have the right attitude it is all about work and motivation so you just keep on peeling the onion and you will be happy with the resuts

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