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Good day today



My day is halfway over. Went to the rehab for my 8:15 appointment with my physio therapist. Love working in the mornings, the rehab's very quiet, not too busy. The first thing we did today was do the 6 minute walk again, the first time we did it, I walked 167 meters, after a month we did it again, I walked 197 meters, today I did 227 meters, so its coming along well then, walking faster now.

And there I was wishing I could walk better, then we talked to another stroke survivor, waiting for her wheeltrans, another Filipina like me, but she was much older. She said she was also an in patient before also at TRI,but she stayed in the 4th floor because she was comatose for 4 months, then it got me thinking, it could have been worse with me too. I'm just very thankful that I'm now walking though not independently yet, but walking. When I first came to the rehab, I didn't think I was ever gonna walk again, but after a month or so of physio therapy, I did walk with a rollator then, now I'm walking with a cane. I want to walk better without the obvious limp, so I asked my therapist for exercises to improve my dorsi flexion, she said I could do lunges, ok, I've been doing tippy toe raising and minisquats, but I want to work harder to improve my walking, she said if I could do 100 lunges in rapid succession, it will help strengthen my leg muscles. Because my hand is better, actually she commented on it, I told her, I've been working a lot on my hand and it got me thinking if I could work more on my leg too, it might help with my goal of walking better.

Then I saw a survivor I shared a room with when I was an in patient there, so happy to see her, she had an appointment with her physiatrist. Just so happy to see her doing well too. Another good thing that happened, my wheeltrans came early, so we got home early.

I'm thinking, I'll do more walking after lunch to really strengthen my leg muscles.

Well, working hard is the only way to recover.


I've a lot to be thankful for, in another 6 months I'll see my kids, that's why I'm working hard to recover, it is for them. They still need me. I'm excited about going home in March 2011 to the Philippines, I'll see my family, hopefully, we'll have fun even with my disabilities, just thinking of hugging my kids is driving me to work hard.


Oh another thing, the weathers really nice, a bit cooler now.


Hope everyone has a good day today!




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hey Vivian:


with that positive attitude and drive to do work hard, you will do better in your post stroke life journey. I know it for sure. keep on plugging viv & you will enjoy your post stroke life too.



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Asha, I love blogging. because I can' talk fast, I have weak facial muscles but it is better, but I express myself better here than talking.

Thank you for the support, Appreciate it very much.

Have a good one!


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