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Toronto Buskerfest 2010



I love the Buskerfest. After my OT and PT at the Toronto Rehab yesterday, i told my sister, we should go to the Buskerfest. Well, I'm going walking anyway in the afternoon, might as well add sightseeing to my walking. So after lunch, we went. The thing is we took the wrong streetcar at Broadview subway station. Instead of taking the 504 which passes by King St., then its only 1 block from King and Jarvis St., we could get to the venue of the buskerfest which was in the St. Lawrence Market area, we boarded the 505 which passes by Queen St., which now took us 2 blocks from our destination. Since we couldn't see any sign of activity anywhere near where we took off, we walked towards a church steeple, my sister remembered which was close to the venue. We walked for about 1 hour resting every after 20 minutes because I feel my left leg getting tired. Then my sister said, if we couldn't find the venue, then we're going home straight away, I was kind of devastated because I really wanted to get a glimpse of the festival this year. Finally, we found the venue with the help of the loud music they were playing. Got to see some performances. After one performance, watching it while standing, it was challenging watching a show standing. I got tired so we went home after 1 performance. I still want to go and see other performances, but the main performances start at about 6 pm, i go to sleep around 8pm so can't go and see other performances. I tell myself, I'll go again next year, maybe we'll bring a chair, so i won't be too tired from all the standing.

I am alive so I won't wallow in my situation. I try to enjoy the things I did before the stroke. Like today went to the mall to pick new books to read and get birthday cards for my children. I tried walking up stirs without holding on to the railings, I try to shift my weight to my left leg, just like my PT taught me, I can manage a few steps, only going up though, going down is another matter, I really need to hold on to the railing. Its a bit different, what with bending my left knee at the right moment so that when my right leg goes down a step, the left knee doesn't snap which scares my mom, she thinks I'll fall.

Then comin home, i asked my sister to check the settings on our treadmill, since I've been working on the treadmill at the rehab at 1 km/hr speed, if our treadmill can be set manually, it has the 1km/hr. setting, so i can walk on the treadmill tomorrow after my work. Getting there, got to help myself.


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Sounds like fun to be had every year no matter your body's condition! Maybe next time, taking that little folding 3-legged stool would be just the thing to have for a break from standing.


See, I go to the mall too and ride the escalator while I park and charge my scooter. But, I don't get far without someone offering to help me. Some of them saw me park the scooter and think it quit running.


I haven't tried the stairs, I do enough at home, 15 steps up and down. I do hold the rails trying to pick up my left leg and bending my knee.


I would say go, go, you go girl. That's so great you get OUT! You'll be better before you know it. Congratulations on your success, don't stop or quit, keep going!

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Thanks fred, I'm not letting what happened to me rule my life, Only one thing though, I never go out alone yet, always with my sister or my mom.Maybe I'll try that one day, when I'm stronger.

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I am so happy you are going out with your friends and family. I feel as long as you learn from your adventures nothing is wasted, you are building stregth and endurance. BTW I have found walking on treadmill every day has built my endurance for walking long distances. so keep on walking on treadmill every day atleast for 10-30mins, and slowly increase speed or duration.



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Hi Asha I did try to walk on the treadmill earlier for 10 minutes, wiull try to build up the speed next time. Thanks!



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Ugh. I honestly HATE going down the stairs. Going up is not a problem, except my legs get tired. Going down is so alien. I cannot do it without railing. Even with the railing, there are moments where I find myself not knowing how to direct my body to go down the stairs. It happens for a second and goes away. Still, it's really freaky for me.

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Hi moonrocket, I love working the stairs especially going down

Its always a challenge, bending the weak knee at the right time. I don't give up easily, the harder it looks, the more challenging, the more I want to do it.


I have more stairs to practice on since I went back working. I work as a nanny, my employers house has stairs,we live in an apartment so I don't have the chance to work on stairs, the building has an elevator.


we don't have a choice really, to get back to some semblance of normalcy, we have to try to do the things we used to do with ease before the stroke.


Hope everything works out well for you moonrocket. Would love to connect with you.





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oh wow vivian , that is great going for a long walk thats what i like to hear and now using a treadmill i am so happy for you vivian to be able to do all that you do keep up the very good job,and you are a force to be rekon with very good blog and very good job i love to hear great news and that was very great news

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