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This ones to you mom



The Holiday all mom's Love. Mothers day. I never thought about it as a big thing. Just something i would do once a year for my mom, Cook, clean, And do the dishes for her. But this year it was diffrent. This year it brought me to tears.


My mom has made amazing sacrafises so my whole family can heal after what happend this year. I reflected on what happend, My father had a nearly fatal stroke, My grandfather passed away, And we were always her first priorty. Never her self. It is amazing how one person can truly heal another. We tryed to tell her, "Mommy dont worry we will be fine on our own." But she never listend she always but us first. Never herself. It was even difficult to buy slippers for herself. But of course we made her everyone deserves comfty feet spoton.gif


I love my mom. And i dont see today as cleaning for her anymore. I see it as repaying her for what she has done for me. And she will alawyas be the amazing mom I have known for ever.


I hope all the mothers her have a fabulous mothers day. You all desrve it smile.gif


Peace And Love



This ones to you mommmy flowers.gif


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You've really grown up a lot this year! Your mom must be very proud. What you've written here for her made my eyes well up and I'm not even a mom.



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It made my mom cry. A happy cry. And the we did what all girls do when you see another girl cry. I started bawling as well. hehe :-p

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