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I want to use the hot tub



Saturday we had a great day at the pool. It was off to a rocky start. William said that he was really comfortable in bed and did not feel like leaving it. I said that we had lots to do. I wanted to get started with the day. We had to do the pool then a movie and lunch. Well, the movie and lunch cinched it. That got William out of bed. We went to the pool and he walked really well. I have started incorporating arm exercises. On the way out of the pool, William tells me that he really want to get into the hot tub. I have avoided the hot tub, because there are 4 steps into the tub and that means 4 steps to get out. I wasn't sure that I could get William in and out by myself. But, he was insistent. He wanted to try. He wanted to walk from teh pool to the the hot tub. I used the wheel chair. I get him down one step, then two steps. I told him to sit down and see if the water was too hot. Then I let him go down one more step by sliding down one step on his butt. He said that he felt that the hot water was good for his leg. I was fortunate that nobody was using the tub. I had William sit on the steps going in.

That is one more accomplishment for William.

William is usually very tired after the pool. But, he was excited about the movie and eating out. He dedided that we should go to a movie first. It was early and I was not sure what would be playing. WE went and checked the theater out. They had a movie with Robert Duval, Bill Murray and Sissy Spaceck. It was good. I had not heard about it. It is about Robert Duval a hermit in Tennessee who plans his funeral. William said that he had a hard time understanding the movie. I explained it to him later.

William does that sometimes. He has a difficult time following movies and then gets bored and flips from station to station.

William said that he did not like Sunday service to day. He said that he did not like the Jeremiah study. He is not is in a good mood. Very strange for a Sunday. He told me that he does not want to go to the pool. I made an agreement with him. No pool today. But, Monday, no excuses, pool early. He agreed. Since , we did not go to the pool. I drove over to my favorite Chinese restaurant. Had steamed fish, cashew chicken, tofu and bambooshoots. It was delicious. William said that he was not hungry, but he ate his entire dish.

We get home and William says that he is tired and depressed. I suggest that he take a nap. Hopefully he will feel better when he wakes up.

He is napping. I hope that he feels better. I suggested that he take some miralax. But, he only took a sip. This is for his constipation.



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oh ruth i am so happy to hear that william is doing sdo well and is enjoying the hot tub , i love using the hot bsth as well as it makes my muscle feels so relax and i am sure that william will continue to do well all the best to you ruth, may your day be filled with laughter and munch happiness and many new success for william

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Ruth, if the tiredness and depression continues see if you can work out what has changed. Ray and I did the pool for two years, then one morning he got cold going from the pool to the car and refused to go any more. I regretted that I didn't push ahead and go anyway but I didn't.


I am glad hat you and William are getting out and about quite a bit. Keeping out in the community provides stimulation and stops that isolated feeling from taking over your life. Good for you, enjoy the hot tub and the lunches and all your other outings.



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Good for William going into the hot tube. Ruth the stairs is ok, when I see people using the stairs I find it ok that's the way they are able to enjoy the hot tube also. Jeannie

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