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Risk Prevention & Epidural

AZ Leah


Hi all: :cheer: After my fall and hospitalization we looked to see how we could have prevented it (it happened in the middle the night…we do have a nightlight). The bed we have is one of those high pillow-top mattresses. We had it rigged it so I could get in and out with a railing to help pull me up and my walker right by the edge of the bed. However, If I sat on the edge of the bed, my feet didn’t reach the floor so I kinda’ had to slide down.. We should have paid attention to this before; in fact

after my stroke a person from out-patient therapy came over to check out the safety of the house and she should have remarked on the height of the bed. It has worked for 4 years, but it really was an accident waiting to happen.


To solve this problem between Jerry and our trusty handiman, we removed the boxsprings. Then a platform was built to put the mattress on. I can now sit on the edge of the bed and my feet touch the floor which enables my walker to be an inch away. We also had 3 more grab bars installed (we already had them around the toilets, the shower, and going into the garage). I will continue to look for areas in the house where grab bars are needed. When in the hospital I had a yellow wrist band that said “fall risk”. I now had it on my walker! My balance is a little better since I’ve been home but I am taking nothing for granted. In 15 minutes we are off to the pain clinic for my epidural. I pray it works. God is in charge. Hugs, Leah :giggle:


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I am glad you guys are fixing all your fall hazards. With stroke falling is part of the equation. but we learn from our mistakes.



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Thanks Sue: We have made fall risk home improvement every year too. I know we will add more grab bars but I'm not sure where yet. I'm good about lights and for now am tethered to my walker!! :bungee: :bungee: Take care. Hugs back to you, Leah :giggle:

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Hi Mike: Ditto to everything you said. I have learned to always have one hand free which makes it inconvenient to carry things, set the table etc. I have a rollator walker (4 wheel) which has a seat and then a basket. Don't use the basket too much cause I usually have things on the seat which means I can't get to the basket? I always carry my cell phone and water and at least one book. By planning ahead I can make less trips. I have a little notebook in my walker pocket too and when I think of another grab bar or anything else to make my life easier and safer, I write it down. My epidural is still settling in, I have an appt with a pulmonologist Wed. and then I'll see how I feel to go to my trainer for some light training. C U later! Leah

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