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A Great Book

AZ Leah


I know there are a lot of wonderful books which address stroke or related feelings or life in general. A friend of mine recently gave me "I will not die an unlived life - Reclaiming Purpose and Passion"by Dawna Markova. It addresses many areas of reminding you of who you are and healing your life. It teaches how to navigate our lives rom the inside out rather than being at the mercy of life's changes and also deals with negative emotions of years gone by. It certainly has helped me when I am in a negative, despondent place that we all face from time to time after a stroke. Another little useful book is "Attitudes of Gratitude" - I read a passage every night and it puts my mind right where is is supposed to be. Yeh for gratitude altho' I don't feel that way every day. There is always tomorrow. I also learned I can start my day over at any time ! Hugs to you all, Leah


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I love your book selections it always gives me peace of mind. I ordered both books I know investing in those books are better therapy for me than antidepressant.



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Yea, you know the saying is, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." So we gotta live life that way, tomorrow is not promised, just the promised land!


I think I had that book awhile back but can't remember where I laid it, my wife probably misplaced it! :big_grin:


I'm glad you are back on your feet! And it's OK to be on your knees, long as you didn't fall, God knows your heart, (his resting place).

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