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Where does creativity come from? Is it a talent one is born with? Is it a learned talent from tv, books, magazines, osmosis?


Pre stroke I was very creative, I could do wonders with some fabric, sheets and terra cotta pots and some paint. My head was always full of ideas, I could go to a yard, sale see something and think of an alternative use for the item. I was interested in crafting back then too. My walls were full of sponge painting and stencilling. No piece of furniture was safe from me. Then when I had the stroke, I realized all the ideas were gone. When I gave it time to ponder and think about, it made me cry. I could never say the words "Since the stroke, I'm not creative anymore" without the tears starting.

The past few days, we've been moving stuff into the apartment, I've felt the ideas start flowing and I am not being arrogant saying that the apartment is turning into a homey cozy, place with a touch of elegance about it. I was striving for shabby chic, but I overshot the mark.......

I was just thinking this morning, if creativity is a learned response..... or it is a response that requires inspiration and motivation as an intrinsic part of it to work? The jury is still out with the verdict. But I'm happy inside knowing I've found a lost part of me.



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Hi Pam:


CONGRATULATIONS !! You are 'discovering' that you are still 'creative. And having your own apartment, where you can fix it up 'to suit you', it will allow this creativeity to 'bloom'.


I liked the part where you said you can find 'stuff' at a yard sale/ garage sale / getting-rid-of-my-junk sale, and find a NEW USE for it. That shows creativity is still present. Just because we had a stroke, we don't have to give up the things we enjoyed, we just need to find a way that we can still do them, just differently.


Keep up your fine work Pam.




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The learned kind of creativity is hard to achieve when one is not happy and the mind is too full of other stuff to pull up the snipets of things seen or been taught in the past. This is a wonderful sign that yours is coming back!'



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There is a word that popped into my mind when I read your blog. No, not that one. The word is possibilities. When your life seems so over-ran with reality, there is sometimes no room more possibility. Eventually, possibles start creeping in again. That' what being creative means to me, seeing the possibility of something.


I also like turning things into something else. Last year my brother tore out the baseboards in one of his rooms, brought them out here for me to burn. I cut them up and built a bookshelf. It looks great.

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hey Pam:


I come back from my vacation and read all the wonderful stuff about your apartment, and idea of how to make it cozy ooking, I was floored already, and you call urself non creative then what would I be, I love decorating my house, though not stencilling and sponge painiting, never had time b4, now don't have healthy body but i don't miss that at all, I think less clutter n the house and if things r at right place then house do look beautiful. you will have to take lot of pics of ur house and post it on our site.


missed u guys for 2 weeks,


love asha

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