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Ladies Only--Have I got news to share



OK, if you're a guy reading this you should probably stop as I'm going to dish and only females will appreciate what I have to say.

I just met one of my new landlords( didn't know there were two) and Ty from ABC's Extreme Makeovers is one of my landlords! No, not the real Ty but one who looks close enough like him that I did a double take. And the local Ty is handy too, electrical, plumbing, sheetrocking, tiler and painter. We exchanged a few words. He told me the houses name is "Glenda" ( yes for the good witch) and I replied that I am the perfect tenant then. Local Ty is has the hair thing happening like the real Ty. And his co-worker is a real pleasent guy who is bald and looks like "Mr. Clean's" son, Ha! Both guys were really nice and kept offering to help. I did go ask for help after I got a fat lip from a rod hitting me in the mouth. OK, I'll admit it, I played damsel in distress, my father was amused.

But I have to report, I put the curtains on the curtain rods one handed! I also stuffed the pillows in the shams myself too. Don't ask what I was trying to prove........



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Now you know I'm coming to visit! You're so Damn lucky i'm jealous! A Victorian and a Ty clone! If you play the frigging lottery and win a million dollars - I don't think I'll ever talk to you again! - LOL

~ V

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YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

I'm with Vicki and I'm coming too. A Ty look alike and victorian townhouse? What more could a girl ask for? Oh yeah...the million dollar lottery ticket. lol_2.gif


I'm so happy for you about everything. biggrin.gif

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Pam, my best friend and life long buddy...Compadre.



Seriously, I am so excited that I can now live vicariously through you and have a Victorian and a sexy guy to run to in distress. I'm also impressed by the one handed rod hanging. You go girl!!

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