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All Balloons must burst.....



Ty lookalike update! Turns out the guy is a dreamer, he isn't my landlord at all, just a glorified contractor. The realtor set me straight, said he has been telling that all over town. So gee, now I know keep my distance, unless I'm in distress and have something I just cannot do. Now if I could only win the lottery...... I hope he is around when I get back from grocery shopping today,I cringe at all those bags of groceries that will have to be carried in to the apartment. If he and Mr. Clean are around maybe I'll charmingly ask them to help. I've already got it figured out, I'll only have to put away the cold stuff today, the rest I'll leave till friday as Kurt is dropping me off at 9 and the guys aren't coming to the apartment to hook up the phone, cable and hopefully DSL till 11. I can ride back home with whoever hooks up my stuff to be at the house for the bus at 3. Suffice it to say I'm all off balance, I can't wait till Sunday morning, then I can start to get over all this emotional stuff that is weighing me down. So when are you all coming to visit? Should my feelings be hurt that it is the Ty wannabe you are all coming to glimpse? I'll let you know when he starts working on my bay window roof, he told me yesterday, next week he'll be banging on my roof. I did bite my tongue. The words bubbled up to the surface that "you can bang on my roof anytime" But I bit my tongue, I don't flirt. At least I don't think I can flirt, that is a female art I never quite got the hang of. I think I was absent for a few classes, I somehow missed the basics. Well I'll ease into this whole lifestyle. I think I'll swear off men, flirting and relationships for awhile.



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Just remember a basic rule...window shopping can be just as much fun as buying french_cig_nomo.gif




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OMG! You're twenty years out of practice in the flirting department? You're such an outgoing person and once your free status sinks in, one day you'll find yourself flirting and you won't even realize you've been doing it.


I'll give you an old lady hint on carrying things....get yourself a folding cart on wheels---the kind they sell for hauling groceries---put a trash bag in it and use it in place of a laundry basket. And for hauling groceries from the house to the car I use a little luggage dollie that I put a plastic crate in. Who says you have to have a man around for the heavy things.





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I'm sending you some fix a flat to fix that balloon. Contractors are great people to know. If you feel like flirting with them, all the better. Men have 3 flirting abilities, women have over 50. (discovery channel) Something as simple as rubbing your neck or moving your hair is interpreted by men as flirting. You don't have to come right out and ask him if he wants to "stock your pantry". wink.gif

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You do make me laugh. Are you saying I can't be blunt? Why can't he stock my pantry??? Maybe after he builds me one???? With what I purchased today, I need a huge pantry. I have one small cabinet for food, I'm going to be squirelling it all over the apartment, I'll never remember where it all ended up........Ha!


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