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Oh, my aching feet!



In another lifetime, I was once a waitress. Long shifts or busy nights, my feet would throb aall night long. I haven't waitressed in years, probably a decade or more. But after my grocery shopping trip yesterday, my feet were throbbing all night long. I'm going to one more store today. As I don't know how frequently I'll get a ride to the grocery store, it is safe to say I stocked up yesterday. Yup stocking the bunker more like...... blush.gif I left at 10 yesterday morning, got back to the apartment at 3. I only put away the cold stuff. I left the rest for friday morning when I have two hours to kill before I get phone and cable. I'm going back to Sam's today. Not for alot, just run in and pick up what I need. I don't think I'll have room for all I bought yesterday. But I can at least make coffee tomorow. I only need flatware.......

I almost blew up yesterday at my parents while we were shopping..... Instead of them leaving me be to wander and shop, they were both there "helping", by way of pulling out the brands of items I had put in the cart and replacing with a "cheaper" brand. It was awfully hard not to just yell at them, I took a few deep breaths and calmly told them that I like certion brands and if it is more then the store brand, fine it was my money not theirs. I know they think in their meddling way they are helping, but they're not. Like I bought a package of double A batteries, I bought Duracell. My father said No! Not those! They are more expensive then X brand. I said Nope you touch those and I'll break your fingers. I'd rather pay more for something I know will last longer then buy cheap and it doesn't last. Duh! Haven't they yet realized you get what you pay for? Not always is cheaper better, you end up replacing or running out of cheap quicker. Besides, my tastes are developed and I know what I want. I bought four bottles of name brand salad dressing yesterday. I am extravagent! Please, let me get through this whole experience without losing it.


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Congrats on getting installed in your new apartment. All the best!


Remember to take a deep breath when your parents try to help you. They are doing the best they can and probably expect you to make similar decisions to the ones they make, after all you are their daughter. They are conveniently forgetting how they disagreed with their folks when they were younger. I know my folks did!


Take care, and good luck to you.



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The parent/child thing never ends. Just remember when they get old and need your help, things will even out. Reading your post made me feel bad that I was guilty of trying to get my dad to change brands when I took him shopping after he could no longer drive. As they say, what goes around, comes around. biggrin.gif



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