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How I spent Mother's Day....



The day started out ok....nothing either good or bad...so neutral.

I had purchased a flat of petunias and son had promised to help plant them, but didn't.

Hubby helped me plant a dahlia bulb.

I fell asleep on couch watching tv and woke up around 3am this morning..felt crummy..stomach.

Got up to go pee and then go to bed but when I got in bathroom, I vomited and then felt like I'd start going from the other end, but BM turned out to be soft and controled. What a relief.

Went back to sofa to see if I'd have any more sick feelings and fell asleep there. Hubby woke me up @5am when he got up to go to work. I went to bed after peeing and didn't feel bad other than yucky taste in my mouth. EWWW

I musta had a bug or something.


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