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Letter to the president



After hearing that President Obama reads 10 personal letters a day I sent a letter to him recounting my efforts at stroke rehabilitation. I think he actually read my letter, I recieved a form letter in return thanking me for writing.


The rest of the letter is just an explanation of what stroke recovery looks like to my eyes and it is not a good experience.


This was one of the points I made.


Start a 10-20 year longitudinal research project to get fact-based information on what works as survivors complete their recovery. What is really needed is a massive research program following the millions of survivors and documenting what works for recovery. Only by finding the facts can we actually have a decent discussion on what works and provide survivors with a palette of options to help them recover. This is what I think NINDS(National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke) should focus on. There seems to be no way for survivors to find out what is occurring in NINDS probably because we are seen as old people with impaired intelligence.


If you want to write here is the address:


The White House


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW


Washington, DC 20500


I double dare you to do it to!


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Dean: Good for you. I can not imagine anyone better qualified or more eloquent to address these issues on behalf of all of us survivors and caregivers. Thank you, Debbie

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:Good-Post: :I-Agree: I'd have to think about it first but it's not out the question knowing me! I may take you up on that dare!


I just need time to be diplomatic in nature and thought! I don't want to sound like an idiot. Supposedly, here is a man from Harvard reading this letter I wrote!

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Awesome. Thank you so much for representing us in your letter to the president. I would write to the president. My only concern is funding my medical bills. I may even address this as some of us are in the same boat in terms of debt from medical bills. And advocate for individual medical assistance to relieve the burden on the spouse. The social security system focus on the household instead of the person, and that creates a problem for spouses who make too much for the person to qualify for the benefits. What do you think?

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