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What the hell makes you think you know more than your medical staff



I get this question from my wife. Shes a PT so any questions questioning the medical profession are seen as an attack on her training.

For anyone else asking this question of me the answer is as follows. Hell yes, my original doctors proved that they were not keeping up with medical advancements. I live and breath thinking about this 24 hours a day. I have read numerous books on the subject and hundreds of research abstracts. I also read all the questions and answers on 12+ stroke forums on the web. So I am arrogant enough not only to think I am smarter and more knowledgeable than my medical staff but I know I am.


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You are correct in your assessment. You have done the research. You do know more that most of the medical team. They do not research stroke as a specialty. I ran into alot of ill informed or un-informed medical staff. I understand that it is difficult for. them to keep up with all of the new research. But, you can help as a patient. When I run into really un-informed medical staff I just change to somebody else. I first ran into this...when I asked about the merci retrieval system. They did not know what it was.!!!

Keep abreast of the research yourself. We all have to be own best advocates.



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Dean: Bruce had a college roommate who was the singularly most brillant person I have ever met. Born the sixth child in rural South Dakota, his family had no idea what to do with him, so mostly they just ignored him. A four year scholarship to Boston University and paid post grad work at MIT and he finally found himself. He could write music just by watching you play-any instrument. Needed the key you were in, after that he took it from there. As a software developer for several large companies he contracted throat cancer. Since he had young daughter, chose to fight for a few years rather than just let it go. Often said "Just waiting for the mother ship." He kept his medical record in his car. In his final days he often e-mailed that it was more exhausting explaining to his medical team what his actual medical course was than getting treatment. Often things had to be put off because his team did not have the right information. His most profound statement to me in those days, which has been my patience daily after Bruce's stroke was "you can catch more flies with honey." As a nurse, I am a tough medical advocate. I stand my ground, ask for explanations and then make a decision, not always with grace, but always with courtesy. When Bruce's urine was brown and the explanation I got was "Oh, that's normal", I would not let up until a specimen was sent to the lab. Do not defend yourself. Present intelligently, honestly and with dignity. Best, Debbie

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I agree. There's no reason for guilt or apologies.


Being educated about the medical mechanics of the situation and

politely, but firmly asserting your concerns can


never be wrong.


I whacked my head once, big lump, but it didn't hurt. 24 hours later I had a bulge in my throat, big bulge.


The ER Doctor was new, too new.


She scheduled me for thyroid tests. "But I hit my head yesterday, it's got to be related to that," I protested, "I don't have the symptoms of a thyroid condition!"


which didn't stop her, she decided to schedule me for ulcer tests, lung tests, TB, diabetes etc. and MORE ETC...when she added a treadmill test, I blurted NO! and asked to see another Doctor. (Yes, it was an awkward moment)


The next Doctor was an old ER pro. He looks at my head lump and my throat bulge and sayeth, "You probably bled into your throat and the blood's trapped there."


"Makes sense to me," I smiled, "Let's stab it and find out if it's venous blood."


He did and it was trapped venous blood from the head wound. The end.


I figure the new doctor, she of a million tests, was too nervous to guess the obvious. If I'd kept my mouth shut though, no doubt her next move would be to test me for beriberi.



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