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standard stroke advice



This has pretty much become my standard reply to survivors asking about recovery(not rehabilitation).

The whole problem here is that the medical world does not have any clue as how to approach getting stroke survivors back to full recovery. They are hoping that your spontaneous recovery in 6-12 months is enough to satisfy you. What needs to be done is idenify the penumbra and those functions, these are helped by standard therapy protocols because you still have a limited ability to do those functions and repetition will help recover them. The second part is to identify the dead brain area and the functions they covered. This requires a totally different approach, mainly you need to neuroplastically move those functions to another part of your brain. Some therapies than might be able to accomplish that are; mental imagery, passive movement, mirror-box therapy, thermal therapy. I would say your crucial answer is to completely understand neuroplasticity and find therapists who understand how to do that. But what the hell do I know, I'm just a stroke-addled survivor,



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Contrary-wise, you are not a stroke-addled survivor Dean.


Cannot help you with the other issues but can provide whatever encouragement you need. I am just a homebody with a stroke affected husband...lol.



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Make total sense to me.

I would like to know exactly what area of the brain was damaged. Yes then neuroplasticity could be moved along.

Mental imagery and repetitions.

I agree.


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I'm afraid, from what I've observed in the approach of PT's, OT's and Speech people, they are, for the most part interested in checking off their encapsulated routine and moving on to the next victim. There are some very good ones that are willing to drive off the beaten path with varried methods, but not many. If you ask 90% or more of them what Ramachandran's mirror box is, all you would get in return is a gaped mouth and a "Huh?".


I share your frustration and anger with the system that is too devoted to putting everything into its own slot. It's all bull.


I have to go now, and make sure my wife gets range of motion exercises and other therapy because The Official Therapy Group doesn't work on the weekends. Man you got me going.


Post a bunch my friend, post a bunch. Mike

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Dean: at Bruce's one year check up with his Neuro, who came highly recommended mind you; young, innovated, you know the drill, the Neuro said to Bruce "well you do understand that you have gotten back just about all you will get?" I almost fell off the chair I was so furious. How dare he? Yes, like Ruth I would like a complete explanation of exactly what was killed and what still has a chance. We go about therapy every single day, all day. It rules our lives and we have no clue if we are working on the best recovery. Most caregivers and survivors I have met here are willing to do anything, but give us a game plan, please.

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dean that is so true about the doctor and what he think that your progress may be or that it if you get a progress at all it is always base on case study and so basically it depends on how munch you are willing to work for a complete recovery?but this much i do know i have been a stroke surviber for 9 years and i am still getting improvemens so i am way above that i won"t see any improvements after 6 to 8 mounts that is simply not true but i do find that it is base on how munch you are prepared to work for recovery because i know that i am willing to work for as long as it takes,

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Yeah, this lack of knowledge really gets my goat. So I started my own blog www.oc1dean.blogspot.com I put up most of my better posts and other blatherings there.


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