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Hippotherapy 2010



I am so excited, Tootie started riding yesterday! This time around, she is doing Hippo with her Physical Therapy Assistant. Tootie rode Aggie; Aggie is new to the center. The PTA thought Tootie did well considering it has been almost 2 years since Tootie's been on a horse.


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Quite the little all rounder your Tootie. I am amazed by how many different sports she is able to join in now. Kudos to you and her family for enabling her to participate in all of this.


Keep up the good work Tootie.



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I echo Sue's sentiments. Taylor is quite blessed to have such a supportive family who has exposed her to so much and provided her with the tools she needs to continue to thrive.


Being too adorable for words doesn't hurt either.



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I've always believed if we keep Tootie active, she'll continue to thrive. We just received our invitation to the Special Ranch Rodeo and look forward to participating in that as well :happydance:

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Buggie rode Lady this week but guess what *gasp* I forgot my camera! But not to worry, I WILL take it next week; lol. Buggie really enjoyed riding; she especially liked it when Lady was trotting.


Next week, Buggie is going to start Special Olympics Bowling and Adaptive Aquatics via the ISD delegation; gymnastics will also be starting soon!

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