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weight on the left leg.....large step with the right leg



Physical therapy will continue for another week. The therapist said that William is progressing and she wants to continue therapy. She starts working on inpatient and therefore we will be taking a break.


She has William trying to take weight on his left leg. He has a tendency to put more weight on the right leg. I cannot imagine how it feels. The left side does not have feeling.


We are still going to the pool 3-5 days of the week, depending on my work schedule. I do take him to the warm therapeutic pool. William will walk from 30 to 45 minuets. He is totally wasted after the pool.


We used the e--stem on his arm. He complained of pain. It is amazing the e- stem got rid of the pain. The arm started to hurt and it looked odd. The color was different and the ar-stemm was cold. The e-stem got he circulation going in the arm.


I have started to use the bicycle pedals again.


Everybody says that it is amazing how much William has progressed. William usually goes to the pool early in the AM. 5:30AM. He doesn't give me that hard a time. It is amazing!!




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Oh Ruth: that is such good news. I don't know if William is in the parallel bars for the weight bearing, but I often wish we had a set here. Bruce stands perfectly balanced on his left leg, with the right foot off the floor (due to the overtone in the right thigh) and like you I can not imagine how he does it. But they learn to compensate I guess. William is seeing his progress and sounds like he's willing to do the work. I too swear by the E stim: Bruce does both thigh and arm twice daily and while the leg is slow going, I really believe that is part of how much the arm has come back. Keep up the good work. Talk to you soon I hope, Debbie

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It's great that William is being treated so aggressively and willing to work hard to meet the challenge.


Seeing his progress as a result of his hard work and determination must make you very proud.



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