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back from our daughter's place



We’ve just had a week away staying with our daughter and her family. She and her husband only worked mornings while we were there as they had some time up and with a job where they work from home or office (they are Captains in charge of an area for the Salvation Army) they were able to spend some time with us.


The weather was nice, spring-like and sunny for a change. We had walks and a picnic by the Lake and did some shopping and had a night out. It was all low key and I found it very relaxing. I am the champion at selling junk (well, precious pre-loved treasures) at the Market Day so managed to turn what little I had into a $45 profit. All those years of selling Tupperware in the ‘80s did sharpen my sales skills.


We did have trouble with their bathroom with a narrow, glassed-in shower and a large bench to put in it. I became a contortionist trying to wash Ray thoroughly and will be glad to be able to shower him tomorrow in his purpose built shower room. Ray can be grumpy and uncooperative when he feels insecure so it was no pleasure to either of us to try and cope in was so obviously not disabled friendly. But as it is a rented house I guess that is not changeable.


Being with the grandchildren is such a treat, they love Ray just the way he is having really known him no other way. To them he is just “Pa”. They have never known him to be other than slow on his feet or being pushed in a wheelchair. I wish some days I could erase the memories of how he used to be “before”. Naomi wanted desperately to push Pa in the wheelchair but can’t see over Pa’s head so we considered her too dangerous.


The kids have a lot of electronic toys but put the bowling onto the Wii so Pa could join in a game or two. They did delight in out-scoring us of course. Naomi still loves me to read to her, so I did that and she and I colored in and drew pictures and did all that stuff that delights small girls. Her brother, being ten, teases her quite a bit. I know it is good for her but really riles her up! They are so “normal” it made me laugh sometimes.



We change to daylight saving on Sunday, which moves my chat time to 11am Wednesday morning. I just hope I remember and don’t sit there wondering where you all are. I love the longer days so will not complain. Mind you I am wondering if spring has decided not to stay as it is chilly again tonight and we had snow falling down south today. There was even a little hail this afternoon here, could well have been snow by the way the temperature dropped suddenly.


Ray enjoyed the chicken chowder for dinner tonight. I do enjoy meals at our daughters house as her husband is an excellent cook but there is something about the way the food you cook yourself tastes, those herbs and spices, the finishing touches that tell me there is no place like home, no meal like a home-cooked meal.


I am having trouble with the showering, dressing, insulin, medication preparation etc in the morning routine. It seems the first hour and a half in the morning is completely devoted to Ray. I know it sounds petty but I really wish I had time to at least see my face in a mirror once in a while. The other day we went shopping and I realised as I passed a shop window that my hair was parted in the wrong place. I must have done it quickly and I hated that I looked out of balance somehow. It is really hard sometimes not to be able to have a quiet time of a morning just every now and again and really ease into the morning instead of diving out of bed when the alarm goes off and diving into the day.


The shower nurse will be here again on Friday so after eight days of showering Ray I will have a dry feet day. Have to be thankful for small mercies eh?


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I was thinking of you both all week. I am so glad you had a good time and the weather was cooperative. Best of all "low key" and "relaxing". Just what you needed. Our niece's baby only knows Uncle Bruce in a WC. At about 18 months she walks around saying "toes, toes"; as we are always reminding Bruce she is behind him and to watch out for her feet. Actually it is quite endearing. Like you, I hit the deck in the morning. Went to get a cup of coffee on Monday while Bruce was in PT and noticed my shirt was stained all over. Can't tell you how many days I had worn it, that's the sad part, but I must have looked like Demento woman. Did manage a shower last night and clean clothes for the hospital today. Baclofen trial was a no g. They couldn't get into the spinal canal where they needed to inject. Bruce was a trooper-six sticks in his spine. Happens in 1% of the cases, probably related to arthritis, but there is a pro in the state who does the difficult cases with a laser-directed unit, so awaiting info on that. Long week with Bruce off his meds for spasms which also help him sleep. He averaged two hours a night. He's back on track tonight and hope he gets at least six. I am exhausted, but too disappointed to sleep just yet. I am glad you blogged as I needed to hear some good news. Kimmie had a full house last night and we had a very interesting chat. Glad to hear you have accepted the Blog Manager position. Talk to you soon, Debbie

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I love to hear that you had a nice time with family.

I can quite understand the tough time with an unfriendly shower. I am glad that that is over.

Thanks for taking over the BLog job.

Yes, You put it so well. I sometimes leave the house looking a sight. I get so involved in getting William together that I get the rush on myself.

More time for me...that would be nice.

See you on Tues.


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Sue, I saw a few of the pics you posted in the galley, hope you all had a joyous time together! Now back to the coming summer time while we go into winter in a few months.

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