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Bad really crummy rotten terrible day.



WARNING: I'm Bitching! Don't read any farther if you need some cheese with your whine!


I had a bad really crummy rotten terrible day! It sucked! And that's about as eloquent as I can be about it without bursting into tears.


I've done everything short of taking the prints off the walls in my office. Only because I can't take them down myself.


I don't care if I have to spend the rest of my life saying "do you want paper or plastic" just to cover our insurance - I don't intend to continue working for the "family" business.


I am NOT their "savior" or the company "whipping boy", and I'm tired of the attitudes around me.


Ok, I've said it. I feel a little better. It's unfortunate that what you say in a blog doesn't change reality.


And the reality is ... I can't get another health insurance policy right now, even if I should get another job. I had a stroke less than 24 months ago and no one in Wisconsin will even consider insuring me.


Therefore, I'm doomed to continue putting in 10 hour days until August 2006. And I'll continue to deal with "bad really rotten terrible days", until the stress gives me another stroke. God Forbid.


But, my children will be covered, as will Jerry. The wonderful HMO can't "fail to renew" or cut off my policy as long as I remain employed.


Stroke Sucks.






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Stroke is a blow to every aspect of life. Try not to let it get the best of you, and stress is the last thing us survivors need. I feel ya man, on the insurance bit.

Hang in there,


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WE ARE TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you know i work with my dad. he is CONSTANTLY getting me to do EXTRA work ( for which i am not paid) while he sits on his computer and plays video poker!!!!! it's INFURIATING. he simply does NOT understand that i'm working TWICE as many hours to produce the SAME workload as before.


he, like most others, thinks kim is A OKAY since the stroke because i look good and have no "visible" effects. i can't remember ANYTHING, can't concentrate with the LEAST little distraction, and am over emotional, never mind i fall down all of the time and lost some vision in one eye which further slows me down.


just today he heard that another appraiser friend of his daughter up and left him with lots of unfinished work and ran off to arizona with a boyfriend( i can SEE why if her dad's like mine) daddy had the AUDACITY to say, "kim, why don't you call mike and see if you can help him out with all of that work laura left him with"? I WAS LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I SAID" DADDY, I ALREADY COME IN AT 6AM AND WORK TILL 6PM AND ON WEEKENDS TO DO MY OWN WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN NO POSITION TO DO MIKE'S DAUGHTER'S WORK TOO!!!!!!!!!!" then he says, "oh i guess you are a litttle busy".


about the insurance, my husband carrries it. enough said about that? ya think? even if i could get "rid" of the sob i would NEVER be able to get insurance. so, that's my life. pressure at work and pressure at home, i have no solace. i feel your pain. sometimes it seems there is no "bright side".

p.s my day was a disater yesterday too!!!!!! that's why i am still so fiesty right now!!!


love ya girl

kim pash.gif

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