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Mother's Day



Get up at 6 am - clean up peppers and onions from last night's Italian Sausage -

Some one got home late and left them on the counter all night.


Wash all the dishes that accumulated since 9 last night.


Feed the cats.


do two loads of laundry.


Katie makes home made waffles, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns.


Spend another hour cleaning the kitchen - and one doing the breakfast dishes.


Do a load of laundry.


Take Ryan to video store to rent movies - one for him and one for me, with his money.

So cute...until we get home and he promptly takes them to a friends house.


Katie borrows my car and needs money for gas.


Clean Bathroom.


Do yet another load of laundry, Ryan needs socks tomorrow.


Jerry does the grocery shopping.


Start cooking home made lasagna at three. (at least he shopped.)


Dinner's ready - it's 5:09 - I'm exhausted and nobodys home.


Guess I'll do another load of laundry.


Glad Mother's Day is only once a year.

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Hasn't anyone ever told you that you do LESS on Mothers Day, not as much or more. It sounds like it was any other day at your house.


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