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I fell today and scarred my pride



I fell down today twice.


Twice down a flight of cement stairs - like a "soap opera godess". Landing on my butt - not breaking my neck or anything like they do in the movies, or on tv.


I hurt all over but, mostly I hurt my pride. I parked on the third floor of a parking ramp. They had no elevator because they were under construction.


I took the stairs thinking "I can do this", I walk down three stairs everyday - without a hand or a guardrail.


I was an idiot and I'll pay for it tomorrow. I can feel the bruises already.


And I know what's worse than the hurt, is the pain I feel because, the stairs became mountains - and I could not climb down them.


At work - everyone laughs. "She'll get shaky and fall down".


It's not funny.


I'm still hurting.








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OH..NO!! sad.gif glad your alright!(besides pride),it wasn't caught on vedio tape,so it will be another bad memoie,buck up!,can't remember my last fall in puplic,besides the "whellchair flip"& that was a long time(years) sad.gif

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I FEEL YOUR PAIN, and i mean that literally. it's but by the grace of god i haven't broken a bone as many times as i've fallen. i fall an average of 5 times a week. in the shower, on steps, from my car, in client's yards, etc. you NAME it , i have fallen on it or from it.


i USED to have excellent balance and coordination. this is just one more of the "goodies" that the stroke left me. i can't even load a dishwasher without misjudging distance and drop dishes on the floor and break them. i think i will stick with plastic from now on!!!!!




kim roflmao.gif

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When you fell and landed on yur butt, I hope you laughed hysterically at the situation. Remember, you boldly go where no man or woman or survivor has gone before........ a mini blip out of Pam's book on dealing with life post stroke. Don't let anything get you down.


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