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well what I have been doing in my retirement



well if you wondered what I have been doing in my retirement then you will be surprised to know that we have been visiting doctors for something or other. first our kido broke his wrist in first basketball game of the season. unfortunately he fractured his wrist so got cast for 3 weeks, fortunately it was his left hand so hubby's hands were great demand at our house. after he healed I fell & sprained my ankle, luckily no fracture just bad type 3 sprain so it will take few days to heal. So hubby's legs also in great demand lol poor guy he has been running around up and down & sideways since my retirement lol. btut as usual life goes on with its ups and downs. I have learned to realize that this shall pass too. kido was disappointed since he could not try out for few things in school, but what can you do, you just accept and make best out your current situation.




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Asha, you have taught me to "go with the flow" so I guess this spate of injuries was another reminder of how important it is to just accept the situation you are in and get on with life.


You are so fortunate that your hubby is such a lovely man and looks after you and kido so well. Give him a (((hug))) from all of us for looking after you in your time of need.



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I bet in a way your kiddo knows how you must have felt with your stroke. He had to miss a few games sitting on the sidelines watching his team play. Life goes on and he knows first hand now!


Enjoy your retirement from Blog supervisor. I just put a new battery in my gift clock from Stroke Net as Welcome Committee Host. So, I know the feeling!



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