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oh no its fracture in the foot



things are busy at our household. Mom just had her knee surgery and finally came back from hospital, she is doing better though in lot of pain, but now home and recuperating at home. My sister has come from India to help out mom in her recovery & also take care of her business. I am glad Mom thought of that since after I fell and thought sprained my ankle it turns out that I suffered fracture in the foot and will be in fall color cast for next 6 weeks, so basically I am of no help to mom. but anyways we are all very fortunate still surrounded by lot of love and care. My hubby is amazing, he raises bar in being best husband, caregiver & dad. First day when I was still not sure about my walking and in my walking cast he would wake up & walk with me to my every bathroom visit. His love for me and our family makes me believe in goodness of human spirit.I am so fortunate & lucky to have him in our life.




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WOW! Don't we all go through so much to be healthy and still we have set backs with our physical well being? Sometimes it seem like we can't make a week without something happening to bring us down.


It was good your mom was here with you when this happened and your sister got to travel to help her too!


I guess there is nothing like a good husband around the house who really cares for his family. My wife tells me all the time she is so glad she married me way back when, cause I turned out to be a great husband!

"I told her I had to get it right the fourth time around." :big_grin:

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Asha, sorry to hear of the set-backs both you and your Mom have had but glad you both have help to get around.


You are right you are married to an exceptional man. He is a keeper! :forgive_me?:



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asha i am so sorry to hear about your mom in a cast hopefully it won"t take long to heal, and i hope that you will heal faster asha and i am very glad to hear that you are getting lots of help from your husband and now you can stay off of that fracture foot and get on with getting better asha, and you need to stay off of that foot asha in order to get a proper mending and kuddos to your husband for helping you out and i am sure that kiddo is there for you and for your mother

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Yea, Asha you picked mister right the first time around, it took me four tries to finally get it right! But, if it ain't one thing it's another. I bet you never thought about a fracture in your foot, thinking it's just a common sprain.


Well, this morning we get the news my wife's brother had a stroke. He was already walking slower than me. The word is, he's not doing too good.


God knows we don't want to hit the highway again this soon, but we will if we have to do that. I'm sticking by her side through all of this no matter what. I think I'm due for a good husband bid too! :happydance:

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