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pain is inveitable in life but suffering is optional



well I consider myself spiritual thinker. & love philosophy of life. I heard above line from somewhere and totally agree with it. As part of growing old, pain in life seems inviteable, but suffering is optional. Such a great statement. It reminds me I have choice in every situation that happens to me. It feels great to have control in life, and it feels great that I can control ny happiness & my sufferings. Well I love wisdom that comes from growing old & handling adversity in life, and ofcourse reading great books. this was one of my AHA moment of today and wanted to share with my friends.




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I'm glad you shared this with us cause I just posted about two older men who is growing old with lots of pains. But...One of them feels just like a baby, No teeth, no hair and just wet on himself!


Pain is inevitable no matter how you feel! Suffering is optional for sure, with my meds I don't suffer!

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Asha Suffering itself may not be a choice the extent to which we make ourselves available to the extent of the suffering may be somewhat optional. Hugs to you dear friend for noting we never have to surrender all our options Karen

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