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life on even keel



well life has its own way of finding even keel. It has found its new routine & its busier than before, no more I miss going out to work, I am blessed to have mindset flow with life's currents & after stroke learnt it is my choice to flow in life's current with happy face or kicking & screaming. Well I did enough of kicking & screaming first few years & hated my life back then, so now after decision to be happy with wherever that current takes me, I am enjoying my ride. Though I do get rapids in my ride from time to time having teenager at home & being stroke survivor brings its own hardships. on bad days it's hubby's faults cause kido is just like his dad & on good days he is just like his mom in smartness lol. Though he also has great sense of humor & very naughty. now that he is taller than me, he hides books I m reading on ceiling fans & ofcourse wins everytime snatching his new toys from me. he brings lot of joy in our life. we recently celebrated his 14th Birthday. he is big kid now & don't want to celebrate though ofcourse I want to so I invited my friends & family.




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Asha, nice to hear you celebrated the 14th birthday with family and friends, although kids say they don't want a fuss they still enjoy being made the centre of attention.


You are the Queen of going with the flow. I have learned so much from you.



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Kids always like celebrating their birthday, as Sue said they like being the center of attention. Good for you going with the flow. It's a much smother ride.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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oh asha having a birthday to celibrate is always fun especially a 14 years birthday wow i am so glad to hear that life is on the right track and you are on an even keel all the best to you asha :forgive_me?: and may you have plenty of a good day and an even keel very good blog and it was nice to hear how your family is getting on

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I remember when the kids got to the point where they were taller than I am. I'm the shortest one in the family at 5' 2". The boys used to think it was funny to put an arm up on my head and lean on me. Monsters!


Family is great and had I to do it all over again, I would have stayed home while they were younger. Now that they are almost grown up, I'm happy I have a job to go to. It would probably be easier for me if I had a mindset where I could stay home, and sometimes I think about it, but for right now, I need the 5-6 hours I spend 5 days a week outside of my own 4 walls.


Families and, especially, children are some of the greatest things Heaven can give us. Enjoy yours!

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