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our choices in life creates our destiny



this is what I believe Some of you will disagree with me completely, but this is what I think about my life, and gives me ton of peace in where I am today in my life. I feel I am responsible for my own destiny, choices I made in my life some very good, some bad created my destiny. One of the best choice I made was study hard & finish my graduation & then marry a person my parents handpicked for me. I am so thankful & greatful for making that choice I am so glad that my mom was so strict that I was so afraid of doing anything against her wishes & bring shame to our family. I am glad that because of her strictness I didn't do anything stupid & ended up marrying my husband who is the best thing happened to me in my life. Because of him & our son I am at a better place in my life today & able to enjoy my present moment fully even with my disability which I view it as bit of inconvience on how I achieve things in my daily life. so life is still good just little different.




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Asha, Isn't it funny how things work out in our lives? It makes us wonder and then why didn't we do something entirely like others we know. By that when we look back at it, we made the right choices! Life is good and we know one day we gotta go, so I want to enjoy this life as long as I can, I enjoy living no matter my condition! I agree with you totally! :Clap-Hands: :big_grin:


I just bet there are others who now wish they could start all over again and avoid the choices they made early in life.


God bless you!

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I do agree that the choices you make make you what you become. And some of the lessons we learn on our journey through pain teaches us wisdom that we use later to help others along the way.


I think of Ray's strokes as being BAD and yet without them I would not have met the people here who mean so much to me.


It is our attitude to what happens to us that counts too.



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Asha, Fred, Sue et. al !! I've done things in my life that were spontaneous and I really didn't know I had a choice (naive, too young, etc.) I don't think any of my choices led to my choice. However, I chose to marry my first husband in California and it lasted 11 years. Then I moved to Tucson because my mom was here and I needed to re-group and get my head straightened out. My mom had Alzheimers and I was her "back-up" caregiver before she passed at 91 in 2005 the year before my stroke. In 1984 I met my husband Jerry of 27 years who is a fabulous caregiver. So I feel I was supposed to be here...call it karma; I don't know. I just know that things happen for a reason that I choose to call God. I love your posts Asha. They make me think!!. Hugs, Leah :friends:

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I think all choices we make with right heart turns out to be good choice, and bad choices in my life was made by bad thoughts like greed,jealousy turned out to be bad choices so now know what leads to good choice is when it is made with right heart & attitude.



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Asha, sometimes you blow me away. I do so agree, when we are operating out of jealousy,envy or some negative emotion we do get it wrong. Wrong motivation and wrong attitude never leads to good things happening.


So right attitude, good motivation equals good choices. I have to keep that one in my head for future occasions when I need to make balanced choices.


You are the guru!



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