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hope you all had great mothers day



I hope you all had great mothers day with your family. I did with my family. After my stroke I have learned to appreciate every ordinary moments with my family since I know first hand how fragile life is sometimes, that this are the moments you miss the most when you are stuck in hospital. I remember how I missed hugging our kido when I was in hospital. though now he is taller than me & has moved into his own room. So this mothers day we did our standard eating out & chilling together playing cards. simple things which brings so much more joy to me. We are blessed to have great kid who is great on most of the days. I feel very rarely he gets those teenage horns, but I am also blessed to have great hubby who knows how to deal with those horns lol. I feel as a parent we are perfect combination of ying & yang. I am doing much better after my fall. Last week I used my fall card to get out of early morning shift, this week I am feeling much better so taking over my duties which I enjoy.


Thank you all for your good wishes.



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