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3 reasons I survived



I think there were 3 reasons I survived my event.


1. I was in fantastic physical shape. I had just completed a 6 day whitewater canoeing trip in Canada, 23 miles falling 1100 feet, only 5 portages. One of those being 1.5 miles long. On the Dog River Ontario by Wawa. Here are some pictures, I am in the red canoe, red helmet. Dog River album; http://www.rapidsriders.net/gallery2/v/dog2007/



2. My brain reserve was pretty substantial.




3. I received the clot busting drug tPA within 1 hour. Even so the dead area was substantial. I was listed in critical condition the first day. 3 years later my parents finally told me that when they left the hospital that first night they were positive that I wouldn't survive the night. Of course I had no idea I was that bad. And my doctors never told me anything


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