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world domination vs. stroke rehab protocols



Which is easier? I would go with world domination. Getting standard stroke rehab

protocols would be like pushing an al dente noodle up a mountain. All the stroke

associations have a vested interest in the status quo, therapists would have to

realize that their training was incomplete, Doctors would lose their mythical know

everything status.


Hippocratic dictum that ‘It is impossible to cure a severe attack of apoplexy and difficult to cure a mild one’


In 2400 years not much has occurred.

I hope we get something in the next 10-20 years.


Oh well, thats what happens when a stroke-addled brain thinks logically. And because I am so stupid I am working on the harder task of getting standard stroke rehab protocols.

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Keep on keeping on Dean. There needs to be a balance in care and rehab and like your therapists ours are often under-trained and spread too thin so very few survivors get all the rehabilitation they need or are entitled to. :gym:



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