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Is the stroke rehab research emperor running around naked?



Is the emperor wearing any clothes? I loved this parable. From all the research I have been reading I really can't tell if any of it is valid.


My concerns are;


1. There is no standardized definition of stroke damage. If you can't even define your starting point there is no way that research can be replicated.

2. No one seems to be separating the spontaneous recovery from the recovery due to therapy.

3. There aren't enough projects using scans to prove changes.


Maybe I am too stoopid to comment on stroke research since million dollar words are used to keep us peons in the dark. They may as well write in Sanskrit.


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Good points. Stroke is not the same in each person. It makes it very difficult to replicate research.

They ( researchers) try, but there is just not enough money.

Spontaneous recovery vs physical therapy recovery??? interesting...They both happen ..how do you separate??


You have some excellent ideas and points of view.

You have really explored stroke.. thank you for sharing..


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Our mentor at dementia support was talking about spontaneous recovery in regard to changes in the brain.


I've had days when Mum ( aged 92) was as white as a sheet sitting with her mouth open, shallow breathing, I'd swear she was dying. Four days later, without intervention,she is as alert as a meercat, sitting up, eating, doing her mumbling, no sign of what happened.


I guess brain damage can repair, occluded veins and capillaries can clear, who knows?


That is where the diagnosis has to come from documented cases rather than scientific evidence I guess.



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Truly there should be more information about stroke and it's survivors. People seem to think that it affects us all the same way. They seem to also think that your life is over. I'm a pretty easygoing person but this type of thinking just plain makes me mad. I know some people mean well but when I'm told "honey you shouldn't cross in the middle of the street" or "you shouldn't drive in the snow" or "don't drink that glass of wine - you're on medication" etc. . . grrrrrrr - It will be 7 years in December since I had my stroke, I think I know what meds I'm taking, whether I can drive in inclimate weather, what I should and should not eat and drink and most certainly know where and at what speed I can cross the street! Sometimes I want to just :ranting: and say :yeahrite: but I don't I just try to understand that they don't understand. :bop:

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