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Sometimes I wonder !



I would think I got as much "stuff" to wear on my body parts to help me survive my stroke as any one person could possibly wear all at one time! Should I happen to fall, I could not possibly get up on my own.


I got a brace to hold my wrist straight while helping my fingers open and close.


I got an arm brace from the elbow to the wrist and a shorter one to sleep in at night.


Knee braces for both knees that I can't get on by myself.


I got an AFO that goes in my shoe with a fastener around my upper leg, it helps to lift my heel and toes as I'm walking. It works like the one that sells for thousands of dollars. I got it from the VA!


I've had the shoes that's recommended for all male stroke survivors with Velcro fasteners sold at all the Walmart stores.


I got a shoulder sling I'm suppose to wear when walking great distances. Well, in those cases I use my electric scooter.


Then of course, I got my quad cane, even after therapy sessions I still need it to make sure I don't fall. I like it because it stands alone. A single point cane has to be looped to your wrist or it will fall when you're not holding it in your hand. I hate that, now you gotta bend over to pick it up!


Aside from the things I wear, there are all the meds I use daily to keep the pains low. Never all gone.


I have always worn glasses but now my eyes don't seem to get adjusted to one pair. I keep going to eye doctors every two or three weeks! I got Glaucoma really bad, but no operation suggested yet! Just keep using the drops nights and mornings.


Put that altogether with a new computer I'm still trying to learn to operate, you can see why I'm not on the message board like I used to be. I'm trying to figure out the new Microsoft Office program for email and printing, not to mention window 7 operating system, so different from windows XP.


So, you get a feel of how my days go plus the "honey do list" got longer because I have nothing to do, so she thinks and says to me!


Well, we still got the birds (three cockatiels) in my care for uncovering and feeding in the mornings. The little Hamster died, I guess I over fed her. I grand daughter didn't cry and she doesn't want another one, thank God!


Now, I finally get to sit outside in the evenings, wave and speak to the neighbors, plus pay the yardman on time as he gets finished with the grass! I haven't taken the time to get involved with the sports like I did last year. I did see the opening Tip Off of the College Basketball season last night.


My Lady Bears from right here in Waco lost to the UCONN lady champions by one point. I was asleep before the men got started. So, you can see, I have a full schedule daily to keep busy. Maybe in a few more days I will have all the loose ends tied up and can spend a little more time on the message board. I get to see your posts but not long enough to make comments.


Some names I haven't seen on lately so I hope every member is OK and doing just fine! If you are in phone contact with them, tell them Hello for me. I'll keep learning this computer and get ready for the Superbowl in three months!


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Fred at our age we are slowing down. I must say I look at work for a while before I do it.


Ray and I are busy with the run-up to Christmas. Imagine all the things you do in summer and all the end-of-year, holiday and Christmas events and you get an idea of how busy it is. But I just love it!


Ray too has a lot of gadgets to wear or use or...most of them never used these days as he gets slower. I wheelchair him most places but like you he has the AFO and the quad stick and that enables him to walk short distances.


Keep up the good work, particularly your encouragement ministry.



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You are doing so well. Keep working at the new computer. I have windows 7 and XP. It took me awhile to get used to the windows 7.

Yes, it funny...all the tihings that stroke survivors use to assist them in life. It is an asssortment of stuff.

I hope that you get your eyes fixed...that is a major irritation.



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