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computers and knowledge



The Army



A man was in front of me coming out of church one day, and the preacher was standing at the door as he always is to shake hands.


He grabbed the man by the hand and pulled him aside.


The Pastor said to him, "You need to join the Army of the Lord!"


The man replied, "I'm already in the Army of the Lord, Pastor."


Pastor questioned, "How come I don't see you except at Christmas and Easter?"


He whispered back, "I'm in the secret service." :rolleyes:




This joke reminds me of me and computers and what little knowledge I have in trying to operate one. I suppose I'm in the Secret Service when it comes to computer knowledge.


I just tried all day to get signed in to Stroke message board. Finally, tonight I got in. Got the pass word changed and hopefully I can get back on tomorrow. I quit remembering my pw once I found out how to get the computer to remember it.


Then, my system goes down, everything is erased, so there I am in the middle of "nowhere without a clue what to do next." This new computer is giving me fits trying to learn to operate it with window 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.


I got two versions loaded, Home and business, then Student and military one that has email live. I wanted regular email like I had with XP. So now I got both but scared to try and delete Live mail in fear of something else being lost.


I've spent over 300 dollars on Micosoft office. I was told both copies are the same...That's not true at all. Home and business is what you want if you want regular email like office 2007 was.


Right now I'm on here without my spell check. I will try and download one from Google in a few minutes. I lost all my operating stuff today. Bear with me, I'll be back up and running full speed soon. Right now my computer is in a disarray.


Thanks for listening to me rant! BTW: I got new glasses from the VA, they screwed them up so bad I can't see or read the exit signs on the road much less the screen on my computer. I had to get another pair from walmart today but they will take a few days, they say.


Meanwhile, back to the VA in the morning to see if they can correct the problems! See Ya later! No spell check, read at your own risk!


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Fred, I took the risk and read it and nothing bad has far. :roflmao:


Sorry for your computer woes, a new computer, a new system to learn and whole new way of doing things is a pretty intense learning experience for you to have to go through.


However I am sure once you are in the drivers seat in complete control we will once again enjoy your support and encouragement and see you sense of humour in action on the forums again.



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like Sue I took the risk and enjoyed your blog along with joke. I hate computers too recently had some minor troubles, it took me few days to sort out things the way I like. Though gave me so much feeling of achievement. computers teach you good quality of oerseverence lol



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