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My Computer Part II



I'll start this part II by saying many of you may have had computer problems. It's something you won't forget soon. Besides the cost, it's downtime that really hurts you so much...It did me this time! After having the old computer diagnosed, it would have been too costly to replace all the parts that did not work starting with the Mother Board.


I bet I spent enough money for all that information as it was to go buy another computer new. Now that's a whole chapter in itself. Getting used to a new computer after operating the same one for over 7 years is not easy. The new computers are completely different from what I had.


The first thing I noticed was the hour glass was gone, replaced by a color circle and that's just the beginning of windows 7. Right out the box you still need Microsoft Home and business 2010 operating system for email and other things you are used to having. Home and Student 2010 don't have all you need!


I was used to windows XP so I guess windows 7 is better but you have to run it for a week or so to find out how it operates best. Then my printer had to have another driver for windows 7 to work. My Lexmark printer was 3 years old. Lexmark downloaded the wrong driver at first, so they take control of your computer and do everything from their end in The Philippines.


Speaking of that, all the American companies operate overseas that I had to do business with for my computer and phone. They use American names like: JR, Henry, Bill, Mike, George, and Fred. Everyone of them has an accent.


I'm back on line with you guys but it wasn't cheap. In round figures I spent a thousand dollars and with the little items I needed like a scan disk, REWRITE DISK for backup files and other small items, add another 100.00 dollars.


All that was in the midst of my mother in law passing, traveling to New Orleans and a grieving wife in need of my computer for conducting business with insurance companies, banks and the funeral home. She just plays games and have fun on her computer. My grand daughter has one the same way, no Internet explorer or email on it.

But loaded with games and the wii connected.A write pad to do her spelling, numbers and time tables. Part of why she's in the second grade at 6 years old besides being in a christian school.


So with that in part II, I now have time to get back on the message board and help those who have joined our support group looking for help, any kind to show they are not alone after surviving stroke.

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Fred, computer woes are frustrating, I had a long period of ups and downs with my computer about 18 months ago so can commiserate with you.


I'm glad you are back again.



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