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Well, It's Christmas Time Again



OK everybody, that time of the year is here. Merry Christmas to one and all! Have a great time doing, going, shopping, eating, listening to Christmas Carols and even being a kid again yourself.


Most importantly is be careful at home, shopping, driving and traveling to grandma's house with the kiddos! Remember thieves are very active during the holiday season. They break into your home, car, and try stealing your purse by snatching it away from you. There goes your money, credit cards, drivers license and virtually your life!


When making several stops while shopping, hide the things you buy in the trunk of your vehicle or out of sight much as possible. Thieves are waiting to TAKE from you especially if you are handicapped. At least half of us here are incapable of defending ourselves should this happen to us!


Think safety first, try to shop in pairs and be watchful every minute, crooks are real fast and they are watching you. It's going to happen as it does every Christmas season, but don't let it be us.


I noticed a lady yesterday leave her keys sticking in the trunk of her car while she walked away to hold a conversation with another woman she knew. I parked right beside her and noticed the keys right away. She was still talking by the time I unloaded my scooter. She had loaded the trunk with her shopping then got distracted long enough for the whole car to be driven away! She wanted to hand me a tip, I refused, and said to her, just be careful or you will have an unhappy Christmas ma'am!


Your home can and will be burglarized too if you are not careful. Burglars can see through the window where you have the tree sitting to be seen from the sidewalk or road. All the wrapped packages under it is very inviting. What they can't use they sell or pawn it.


Burglaries are generally hard crimes to prove, be very careful and have a merry Christmas season! :mom: :roadrage: :turkey: :crazysmile: :beerhat:

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Fred, why is the angry driver yelling at the teddy bear. Is that bear rage?


You make some good points about senior safety in your blog. Here because it is summer people even leave their good in the car and their windows down! Open invitation to thieves.


Thank you for your timely reminder.



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