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:Clap-Hands: :cheer: :beer: :D :hug: :forgive_me?:


Hi and welcome to my special "Celebrate" Blog Entry. It's funny, I knew I wanted to write about my feelings the evening before my "Anniversary Day".... I got on my computer and I looked at the clock and it said: 12:26 and I thought WOW, that is when my Birthday is: 12/26... it was then and there I knew ... I was meant to write about this day at this very moment.


As you can see by my "Emoticons" they express my feelings.

I am starting this Blog Entry by doing my "Happy Dance"


Today is my 7th Anniversary of my Brain Stem Stroke and all I had to go through and where I am at today. Today is like a Birthday for me as that is how I like to think of it.... I was "Reborn" ...Given a second chance at life as I am a Miracle and God said my work isn't done on earth yet.


For those who don't know me... I will share the Reader's Digest SHORT part of it. (You can read it in My Gallery section).


I went into the hospital for a simple "In and Out" Procedure, a Heart Cath. Well, it ended up I needed Emergency Open Heart ByPass Surgery and when I was in Recovery, I didn't respond and they had to shock me twice. Still nothing, so they did a CT Scan and it revealed I had experienced a major Stroke on my BrainStem and there were so many other strokes they were "too numerous to count." I was in a Coma and on Life Support. My Husband was told numerous times I wasn't going to make it and if I did I would be in a vegetative state for the rest of my life and have to live in a nursing home. They lost me but brought me back. Well, I did come out of the coma but found out I was totally paralyzed. Told I would never walk or talk, etc. All I could do was lay flat and stare at the ceiling. All I could do was cry out to GOD and he told me he would Never leave nor Forsake ME. He never has. IF it wasn't for my Faith, I truly don't think I would have made it.

I got to the point where I got to Rehab and after months of that....I proved them all wrong. I got to go home in a wheelchair as my "ride". I was very blessed that my Hubby took on the roll of "Caregiver" and I have been able to be in my own home. That, in itself, has been a wonderful motivator for me. It has been a long, tough journey. A lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, I think my wonderful 911 crew felt in the beginning they should just move on in...

I fell so many times. They were so kind toward me and understanding. After much hard work and pulling myself up by my boot straps, I am only using my wheelchair when I am out for long periods of time, all the other time, I use my Rollaider. I just adore my Rollaider. I love to stand tall and let the world know I am a Miracle through the Grace of God. By all the Specialists, my Cardiologist, etc. I am not suppose to be here. The Beast didn't know whose door he was knocking on. The best thing those Specialists said and it made me want to prove them all wrong was I would never talk or walk again. I had to start out in Rehab like I was just born, Like a lil baby, learn how to sit up, roll over, feed myself, etc. BUT, hey, here I am 7 years later. It amazes me. Instead of trying to shoot down the HOPE I tried to hold onto, they wanted to just leave it at the door. Well, I have held onto that HOPE and I have stayed on this Journey of HOPE as I call it. My thought I always kept in my heart and mind was: I walk by Faith and not by Site. I tried to stay positive....it was hard ..I won't say it was a bed of roses. The hardest part of all of it was the loss of my perf. vision, I am blind there and I had to turn my Driver's License in and that just about did me in. My freedom, my independance was taken. But, hey, I just had to reinvent the way I was going to get things done. I still drive people crazy hehehe so hey ... it is what it is. Another saying I incorporated was There's nothing to it BUT to do it.... my favorite accomplishment was writing my Book, "The Little Bird Who Couldn't Fly" It was the story of my ordeal about adversity and how you overcome it. My saying from that is: "Believe in MIRACLES and continue to SOAR"... Life is a journey each day and each day I wake up I thank God and he gives me a clean canvas and it's fun to see how I fill it out. I am blessed by the recovery I have. My enjoyment is sitting out on my "GrandPop's Stoop" (I wrote a Blog about that last year I believe)...I love sitting outside and listening to my windchimes and hearing the birds sing. I love going a half mile from my home and see my beautiful Chesapeake Bay. There is so much life out there and I want every bit of it I can take. Never give up....

I had a goal a few months ago as what I could do and get it done before my anniversary date of today. I wanted to see if I could read a book and see if I could remember the story line. I have really bad short term memory, it drives my hubby nuts. I have long term memory but not short term real well. I finished my book the other day and a friend took it back to the Library. She got me the book in LARGE PRINT.... I told her that was the only way I could ever try to meet my goal deadline. I would have to refresh my memory in order to start a few days later of reading. It took me a while to get it read. It was a little tricky with my eyes reading a book....but I tried different things and I did get it read. I have shared the storyline with others to see if I could remember it and they were so happy to rejoice with me with meeting my goal.

It is fun to look back (I don't dwell on it as I want to look forward)

I have been blessed with a lot of recovery. I think as long as I try ...who is to tell me what recovery is still out there for me?

This hasn't only been my seven years of going through this, my hubby, he's my Caregiver as he has to dress me and put my shoes and socks on... I am cooking most of my meals now. I have been "releasing" weight...I don't say losing it cuz I don't want to find it. It makes walking much better and it is good for my Diabetes and my Muscular Dystrophy. I want as much of life back as I can get.

I have experienced three other strokes. They were TIA's. I need to keep stress outta my life. Easier said than done. We are talking about life here and all that comes with it. :)

Wayne has to do most of everything and I do try to pitch in and do what I can to take the load off of him.

It will be a year in December since my precious Harley Boy went to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him so much but we have had Beau nine months now and he is such a love bug. He is doing a lot to help me. The unconditional love he gives me .... that is a healing that is for sure and he is putting paw prints on my heart.

So if any new members are reading this blog, please stay strong, stay positive and keep the HOPE alive cuz there is recovery. I know cuz I am here.....seven years later. If I can help you in any way, please PM me....I have to pay it forward.....I can't keep it all to myself. I want to share my experience, strength and hope with others.

Oh, the neatest thing is one of my special prayers is coming true...while I was in Rehab, I had the Best Nurse and she shared with me where she went to Church, I have been looking for a new Church and I found the one she said she went to. I wondered if she would be there after all this time. She is a member there, she just had surgery a few months ago, but, I can't wait to see her when she returns.

Thinking about that just shows me how far I have come.

Life is good....Life is worth fighting for.

Well, I hope you enjoy today ...as for me, I want to shout it from the roof tops, WORLD, Here it is..... seven years later.....

Most people say "Seven Year Itch..." hehehe

I say... Thank you God for the gift of seven years.

I want to share:


Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made

in the small ones.


-- Phillips Brooks



"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning." - Gandhi


"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Phill 4:13


When the journey got hard, as believe you me it did, he carried me in his loving, capable arms. But, today we both are rejoicing and celebrating.


Have a wonderful day today and thanks for taking the time to read my Blog. Hugs and Love and Blessings always. Jan


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It's me Jan.

Sorry the print came out so small, I don't know what happened. Also, my cute lil smileys didn't show up.

See what happens when a person doesn't Blog regularly. Hope Asha doesn't faint. hehe


I also wanted to say this is Thanksgiving coming up, I want to Thank Steve Mallory for his brain child of starting StrokeNet. Thank you to those who were there to walk the journey with me. I am so greatful and thankful. ~Peace~

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Jan it has been so long since you've blogged that we have had a change of Blog Moderator, Asha retired and it is now another job for me, so two hats, chat host and Blog Moderator.


Wonderful to see you back blogging again.I have blown the dust off your old blogs so people can click on archive and take a walk down your memory lane.



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welcome back, you came after long time. your blogs always makes me start my day right. I have retired from my blog moderator duties though I can never retire from reading my blogs which provides lift to my spirit. your blogs always inspire me to have better attitude in life. we miss you in our afternoon chats too.

:congrats: on your stroke anniversary. you defintely beat the stroke beast as you call it. he chose the wrong opponent. I am so glad that you find so much joy out of life even when so much was stolen, you are truly survivor.





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Hi Jan:

This is your "Brain".... I just had to drop you a few words and say Congratulations on today... WOW, seven years we've been a team going through this journey. You think you've been through a lot.... heck, try being the "Brain" and I'm stuck in your head. At least we've gone through the ups and downs together. We are on Faith Blvd. and Blessings Street. I look forward to continuing our journey together every step of the way. I Love you Jan, your buddy, you're pal, Your Brain :)

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oh jan i am so happy for you to know that you have come so far :congrats: on your journey , to recovery and may you have a wonderful party, you deserve it for all the work that you have done :Nodding: and for all the joy you have brought to the members from stroke net after reading your very positive post :Typing: and blog :hiya: happy 7 year anniversary jan, and enjoy :Beer-Chug:

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Jan I so love you and your courage and strength. I think you know most of if not all of my story and ours was not so different, Mine was brain hemmoraging and it most definitely affected the brain stem area It took me a very long time to wake up once I did I think I might have recovered maybe a little bit quicker but some of that is relative as I never think I have had it nearly as bad as the other stories you know You are one of my Heros Wanted you to know that has not and will not ever change Love Karen

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It is so good to hear from you. I have missed you.

I loved your story of HOPE. Faith and hope keep us going.

Congratulations on your progress ...the miracle of life.


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