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more scooters woe, but hopefully a new one



well as you probably know ny now i use to have a scooter it was a shoperider known as the landcruser very large and silver in colour but the bad news is that it broke down and i guess because i was using it all the time to go every where as i am able to walk just not a long distance and it is usually a long walk from where i am so my scooter which have 2 motors both burnt out and the trans axel broke so any way i had to order another one it is also a shope rider but it is red in color and only 3 wheel so it looks like a big red motercycle but looks can be decieving so i am hoping that the insurance will pick up the cost of the scooter ii have been waiting for as answer from the insurance but i haven"t heard any thing except to know that it is still in progress, but as soon as i get it i will let you know so the continue scooter saga continue and what i am using in the mean time is a loaner much smaller than i am use to and very slow so it doestake time to get there well wish me luck and i will definetly let you know if i get it


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Congratulations on your new scooter Lenny. You will have to post a picture if you can.



well julie i will certainly try to post it i just p.m. marie with the picture and ask her to help me post it thank you for the comment

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good luck in getting your new scooter, your new scooter sounds exciting, hope you don't get speeding tickets in it. It is said red cars usually get more tickets for speeding. lol



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This is exciting. It is like getting a new car.. How exciting.

I want to see a picture.


Sorry the old one broke down. I hope that the insurance takes care of the payments.

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Lenny, it was probably made in China like most of that stuff is, and who knows when you'll get a replacement of that model. Being brand new, I can't see the transaxle going out so darn soon. Something just don't add up in my mind!


Good luck on a replacement of the same one.

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