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Denny's Cataract Surgery Update



Okay, just got back from my post-op eye appointment and boy, am I, or should I say my wife, in for a fun time the next 3-4 weeks. She has to put eye drops, 3 different types, in my right eye, either 3 or 4 times a day.


I have to wear an eye sheild when I take a nap, or sleep at night, for two weeks. Doesn't fit the greatest with my CPAP mask. Oh well, just need to put extra tape on the sheild.


And so, the fun shall continue.


Next week, and for a month, I get to play 'Nurse Denny' because she is going in for out-patient surgery on her back. She will have two wires implanted and they will be sticking out, connected to a monitor. Suppose to remedy her bladder problem.





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Yo ho ho Nurse Denny! I just love that you get to pay back your wife for the care she has lavished on you! Well done both of you.


Glad you are back with us in the blog community. I bet there was a lot of dusting to do to get your old blog to sparkle again.



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hey Denny:


isn't it great to have each other so that you both can play nurse roles. I make great patien but not very good nurse



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oh wow nurse denny, i bet that you will make a great nurse denny you make a great chat host all the best to you and thank you for letting me know about your surgery all the best to you denny

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