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HELP!! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!



Okay, what is it with this falling stuff? I want to know!


Sue fell in Australia, doing some chores around the house.

MC fell, trying to 'rescue' some melting butter. She lives in Canada.


Oh, by the way, I also fell this past Saturday, trying to fix my truck for state inspection. My license plate light 'pigtail' needed to be replaced, so I bought one. I placed it in the hole in the bumper and I was laying on the ground, making the electrical connection. I did that and while I was trying to get up. I lost my balance (common denominator in the falls of Sue, MC and me) and I did a 'face-plant' on my truck's bumper. NO brusies or broken bones, but I did a MAJOR 'Extreme Make-Over' on my eyeglasses. I bent the frames badly and I 'dislocated' both eyeglass lenses. I showed them to Peggy and asked if she would drive me to the place where I got them, but, through the Grace of God and Peggy's patience, she was able to do 'collision repair' on them. I didn't even need to 'pay' a deductible.


Thanks Sue, see what you started. You fell, then MC fell and, yes, I had to 'add' to the 'down-fall' of StrokeNet Users. I also 'updated' people on my blog. Now I'm good for a few months, or until Sue reminds us again that we need to update.


Everyone, have a good day and STAY OFF THE FLOOR!!!


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I was bushing snow off my car and needed to climb the snow pile on the curb to get at that side. This is an interesting exercise in balance with the snow sweeper in my good hand and climbing the snow pile to get around. I succeeded at that until the very end at the front of the car where I slid under the car. In order for my to get up I have to get face down so my right leg can get planted and push me upright. To get to that position I had to roll in the two inches of fresh snow and completely coat myself with snow, luckily if was relatively dry snow. No damage except for a good story to tell. :bouncing_off_wall:


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So...that is who the Abominable Snowman is!Dean!


Sue (laughing).


PS Denny, next time you are down there make some snow angels. Glad you didn't get "wrecked" yourself. And we learned that Peggy had yet anther talent. Spectacle mender.

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hopefully now our strokenet is done with falling stories we already got 3 of them in blogs. I am glad your fall wasn't bad & glasses got repaired by your talented wife.



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With so much snow on the ground and I am only five foot, I have been carrying around a stick to help me forge the piles and get to the down spouts and leaders. All needed to be unburied, de-iced and reset for this upcoming mess that is due tonight. I spent more time on my knees than on my feet. Good thing I didn't try to climb a ladder. Also fortunately being only five feet tall, my fall depth was considerably short. Debbie

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Denny, Well, I was not able to blog last week, here it goes, I was standing still in our kitchen when my husband came in the room, passing me I took one step and fell over. I have a bruise from the top of my leg to my knee on my thigh. A couple of days later, walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night the carpet was lifted and my foot caught it and I went fling on my shin and into the wall. I have the size of an orange bruise. Now if any of my family see me all bruised up I'm blaming it all on my husband!:yadayada: Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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denny, i think we are destined to have falls after a stroke. i have fallen several times since mine with only 1 serious injury. thank god. we have to be so careful of our balance on hands or feet and just 1 small twitch can throw us off kilter and down we go. plus making sure our feet are positioned like they should be and if drop foot is involved, that makes it worse. i have prevented many falls too with my cane, i want to get rid of my cane and brace as soon as i get back into therapy. thank goodness you weren't hurt badly. blame it on the girls they started it, huh. lol be more careful so nothing serious happens, ok. good deal about the glasses though.

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