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bad patients and stroke rehab



I have been reading a new book, Deep Survival : Who Lives, Who Dies and Why by Laurence Gonzales.This paragraph on page 82 I think should be applied to us stroke survivors.





Psychologists who study survival say that people who are rule followers don't do as well as those who are of independent mind and spirit. When a patient is told he has 6 months to live, he has two choices: accept the news and die, or rebel and live. People who survive cancer in the face of such a diagnosis are notorious. The medical staff observes that they are 'bad patients',unruly, troublesome. They don't follow directions. They question everything. They're annoying. They're survivors.


Make yourself into a 'bad patient'. :roflmao: :ranting:


If you don't make your medical staff uncomfortable in their not answering your questions then you need to try harder. Make them feel guilty and maybe they will go back to their associations and ask for details on what to do for stroke patients. Nothing else seems to be working.



Remember, make sure you ask your medical staff for permission to be a 'bad patient'.

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I think we read a book and life seems so simple. Life is complex, why we live or die? Who can tell until challenged what they are made of?



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