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When will enough actually be enough?



This is not FUNNY anymore. First of all let me tell you yesterday we were in a rear end collision accident that will most likely total our vehicle. Our Grandaughter was in her car seat in the back She wast getting over the Strep Throat so we took her to her Pediatrician Got another Script went to go to VA Hospital to ge Bills medication. Prayer for him please as he awaits the Biopsy That will be Dec 15th Then we will know if we are dealing witn a benign mass or Cancer. He still cannot eat and is in horrible pain so we try not to let negativity get us on the blind side. Back to the car accident we were rearended The driver simply never saw us and admitted that and he hit us full speed I am so sore today . The Belt really grabbed all the wrong places and I hit my head on the passenger window. We immediately took Kaylee in to be checked out Poor little doll. She was terrified but only received one contusiont of her left clavicle area where the car seat straps held her in place. She should be fine. Anyway it seems that I am keeping the prayer chain on their knees so dont get up quite yet As Sue says I come to you Somehow you always are here and know just how to encourage me my dear friends Bill cant tell if he was hurt he hurts to bad all the time Love you all dearly Karen


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Oh Karen, I'm sorry to hear of your accident. I know all too well the feeling of "what next?" In fact, I learned to stop asking that question, as it seemed that every time I did, something else bad would happen. Just when you think you can't take much more, another test of strength and endurance comes your way. It's not the nasty bumps in the road that make us stronger, it's the way in which we handle them, and you certainly have had more than your share to handle lately.


Our thoughts and prayer continue for you and your family.



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I am so sorry you had another bump in your life's journey. Sometimes when bad things keep on happening to me, I wonder what is God trying to teach me in this another incident in my life, since I have learnt hard way asking whyme always brings in unhappiness. Though I am glad none of you are badly hurt. you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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Karen so sorry to hear of your bumps. Your faith is strong and the more bumps we receive I believe it mean the deeper I am to believe in my faith. Your included in my faith meter. Jeannie

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Karen, I will certainly keep you and Bill in my prayers. I hate to hear that he feels so badly. I do hope that they can control the pain.



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Karen: just when you think it is safe to go into the water. . .I am so sorry, last thing you needed right now. Please take care of yourself; rest, Tylenol and keep Bill dosed regularly on whatever is prescribed for him. He is feeling the effects regardless of what he thinks. I am thinking and praying for both of you and am so thankful for Kaylee's prognosis. Debbie

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I love you all so much. I know if I did not have the support from this forum Id not be in nearly as good a place to keep dealing with all this I am so SORE!! On top of the central pain it one would not think it so noticible but it is Bill really is not doing well One hour one minute at a time thats all thats required of me and at times that is what I have left to givethumbsd.gifnotfair.gif Hugs Karen

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