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Happy Thanksgiving



Its the night before Thanksgiving and for the first time in years Bill and I did not make it to the soup supper at our church. Many things are different in our lives right now but I want you to know that you all are a huge part of our gratitude list this year I dont know where we would be without you all but we would not be in as good a place as we are in as we face Bill upcoming surgery and whatever that brings God Bless you all Love all good things to each and every one of you Karen




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Karen, sending love back to you. I think you are a true champion, the way you think and act does you credit.


You and Bill are in my prayers. Seems that list is fairly full at the moment, we've got to the age when we have a lot of friends in need of prayers.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



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Thank you Karen and I hope and pray bill's upcoming hospital stay solves the problem and he can get back home with you the soonest! These are just trying times for the whole world.


Look at Korea, on the brink of outright War according to the news this morning. It's been what, 67 years or so since the DMZ was established between North and South, now they decide to fire rockets at the other side?


We had family day at different churches here to feed those less fortunate at this time. And to honor our soldiers in harms way and away from their families!


Every one of the military dining facilities on Post fed families and soldiers unable to be other places for a family meal yesterday. You know we got men and women here from all 50 states, and other countries in the military and training here.

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I know you are going through real tough time right now,but you have kept great attitude & enjoying your time with Bill with whatever is in cards for you in future. I know even in midst of chaos we all have so much to be thankful about.




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I keepyou and Bill in prayer. Even in the midst of these trying times you are full of faith and thankfullness. I pray that things work out and you have the strength to go thru the ordeal of the coming surgery.


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